Meet Blair's Classics Department

The Department of Classical Studies seeks to instill in students a sense wonder and excitement in discovering the world of ancient Greece and Rome.

Believing that the study of ancient languages is useful in itself, the department focuses on traditional instruction of Latin and Greek. The art of close reading, of working slowly and carefully, of fully appreciating the nuance of languageā€”these remain the hallmarks of classical philology.

The department also seeks to introduce students to the achievements of ancient literature. Selected authors include Caesar, Cicero, Demosthenes, Catullus, Horace, Vergil, Herodotus and Homer. We believe that advanced students can encounter ancient texts in a mature and sophisticated way, engaging in a dialogue about ancient authors, modern reception and their own experiences.

In addition, the department offers two senior-level history electives: "Ancient Greece" and "The Roman Republic." These courses focus on reading ancient sources carefully and critically, while also introducing students to current issues in ancient historiography.

Graduating with Honors in Classics 
  • Students may graduate with honors recognition within the department by fulfilling one of the following courses of study and maintaining a 4.5 or higher average:
  • Four years of study of Greek or Latin, plus a senior thesis under the direction of Mr. Lunger or Mr. Newell; or
  • Three years of study of Greek or Latin, plus Greek and Roman History with a senior thesis under the direction of Mr. Lunger or Mr. Newell.