History courses at Blair enable students to develop critical academic skills that lead to success at the college level, most notably: reading comprehension, written expression, speaking, critical thinking and research skills.

Beginning in 9th-grade world history, students have an opportunity to explore three important regions in the developing world: Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The 10th-grade year focuses on western civilizations, with a special emphasis on the western roots of the United States. The 11th-grade year continues this theme through courses in United States history. During senior year, history students may choose from a wide selection of electives, including economics, American politics and government, and the United States and Russia during the Cold War. The history department offers advanced placement courses in U.S. history, American politics and government, and European history.

In addition to the regular curriculum, the Society of Skeptics offers weekly lectures by a wide variety of speakers, including noted historians, authors, and business and educational leaders. Skeptics speakers have included: CNN’s Lou Dobbs; Columbia University history professor Eric Foner; Lafayette College professor of history Joshua Sanborn; George Mason University history professor Peter Mandaville; two former governors of New Jersey; chair of the 9/11 Commission Governor Thomas Kean; and former U.S. ambassador to Vietnam Raymond Burghardt '63.

Guided by history department faculty, Blair students have in recent years traveled to Vietnam, Cambodia, numerous African countries and D-Day invasion beaches in Europe.