Blair's language department holds immersion as the touchstone of our pedagogy.

Though Blair has always embraced a communicative approach, we have in recent years hewed even more closely to the ideals of Middlebury College’s immersion technique in which students sign a language pledge to speak only the target language in class.

While technology plays a role in our instruction, we also cherish the efficacy of face-to-face communication in the form of conversation, debate, discussion and analysismodalities that form another guiding pillar of our instruction. Through a fusion of communicative, immersive and technological strategies, we impart to our students an appreciation of the cultures in which our languages are rooted, as well as the ability to communicate in those languages creatively, confidently and with burgeoning eloquence.

Toward that end of providing our students with authentic, value-forming experiences, we often travel to destinations abroad. Most often, these trips are offered in March and June to Spanish-, Chinese- and French-speaking countries and homestays are a hallmark of our excursions. In the last decade, Blair language students and faculty have visited Spain, Costa Rica, Perú, China, France, Canada, Nicaragua, and Ecuador.