Blair science classes focus on laboratory and field work, with the goal of enhancing students’ learning experiences, fostering excitement for the subject matter and reinforcing their understanding of complex scientific topics.

Students gain an understanding of the techniques and processes for gathering and analyzing evidence to support common scientific theories. Our traditional courses in biology, chemistry and physics stress this extensively. As students move through grade levels and respective coursework, expectations increase and upper-school students enrolled in advanced biology, chemistry or physics courses are expected to display a significant level of confidence and comfort in the lab environment.

The department’s goal is to foster in students a strong interest in and genuine enthusiasm for applying their scientific knowledge to everyday phenomena in the world around them, especially to parts of the world about which they are most curious. Within our curriculum, students have the opportunity to explore their interests by enrolling in courses such as biotechnology, marine biology, epidemiology, biochemistry, astronomy, environmental science, pharmaceutical science, engineering science and robotics. Designed by our teaching faculty, all of these courses aim to appeal to the varied science interests of Blair students.