Weber Hall

At the campaign’s completion, Blair’s campus will no longer have an ‘arts’ side and an ‘academics’ side—academic centers will exist in every area of campus.


With fine arts classes relocating to the Center for Innovation and Collaboration, Weber's interior will be repurposed solely for the teaching of mathematics, an arrangement that appeals to Blair mathematics teachers' educational philosophy. While mathematics certainly has important applications in technology and engineering, Blair teachers view math as an art form and have a sense of themselves as artists. In Weber Hall, Blair's mathematics department will be ideally situated for collaborative teaching and learning.

Introducing the CIC

Read a news article that further details the three building projects included in the "Forward Thinking" campaign.

Building Project Benefits

  • Repurposing of Weber Hall gives Blair the opportunity to optimally design classrooms for math education—now and in the future.
  • Six classrooms, a first-floor departmental office, and first- and second-floor study areas are planned.
  • The major impact of this building project is that it will centralize math teachers in a single location and facilitate real collaboration and fertilization of ideas.
  • The Weber project addresses Blair's Strategic Plan’s critical academic piece and complements the building endeavors that have enriched Blair’s arts, athletic, residential and academic experiences.
Weber Hall
Weber Hall
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