Superior academic preparation is at the heart of the Blair experience.

Learning at Blair is a rigorous, creative and collaborative process, one that increasingly urges you to pursue your own academic interests and seek knowledge without limits. Teachers partner closely with you and encourage you to meet the concrete and abstract challenges that learning and inquiry demand. Together, you explore the questions, problems and ideas that inspire you to seek deeper understanding of a subject. Hard work and the mentorship of Blair’s faculty will make you a better student than you ever thought you could be.  

Academic News

  • Athletics, Fitness & Health Merge in Biomechanics

    Posted December 8, 2016

    How can science help athletes understand and improve their performance? Fifteen juniors and seniors are discovering the answer to this question in biomechanics, a new, yearlong elective taught by science teacher Joseph Wagner. The course delves into kinesiology, biochemistry, nutrition and other disciplines, helping students understand the scientific principles behind optimal fitness and training, and teaching them to apply this information to their athletic pursuits and overall health.

  • Students Experience World-Class Art in New York City

    Posted December 7, 2016

    Fifty Blair fine art students gained a firsthand look at world-class works of art as they toured several iconic New York City museums on December 1. Groups of sophomores, juniors and seniors visited the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Arts and Design, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the experience gave students much to consider for their own work as they viewed some of the finest paintings, drawings and sculpture in the world.

  • Seniors Study AP English Language in Six New Fall Electives

    Posted December 2, 2016

    Advanced Placement (AP) English language took on a new look this fall as seniors enrolled in six first-semester electives designed to hone their rhetorical skills through in-depth study of a specific literary genre. Each new course—from “America at War” to “Children’s Literature”—was developed by its teacher, allowing expert faculty to dive deep into favorite topics and share their enthusiasm for literature amid preparation for the spring AP exam.

About Academics at Blair

We consider a student’s academic commitment his or her most important responsibility. At Blair, students learn to read closely, think clearly, analyze quantitatively, communicate effectively and broaden their understanding of the world. 

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