Superior academic preparation is at the heart of the Blair experience.

Learning at Blair is a rigorous, creative and collaborative process, one that increasingly urges you to pursue your own academic interests and seek knowledge without limits. Teachers partner closely with you and encourage you to meet the concrete and abstract challenges that learning and inquiry demand. Together, you explore the questions, problems and ideas that inspire you to seek deeper understanding of a subject. Hard work and the mentorship of Blair’s faculty will make you a better student than you ever thought you could be. 

Academic News

  • Blair Recognized by Oliver Scholars Program

    Posted July 21, 2014

    This summer, the Oliver Scholars Program recognized Blair Academy as its "Partner of the Year" for the School’s long-standing commitment to maintaining an inclusive and diverse community that supports students inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Two Blair Students Earn Recognition for Poetry

    Posted July 7, 2014

    Rachel Troy ’15, a rising senior from Greenwich, Connecticut, and Hannah Ochtera ’17, a rising sophomore from Ellicott City, Maryland, have been recognized by national literary organizations for poetry they wrote during the 2013-2014 school year.

  • Spanish Students Immerse in Language & Culinary Delicacies

    Posted June 13, 2014

    In early May, Blair’s Spanish 3 class headed to Hackettstown, New Jersey, to patronize Rico-Pan Columbian Bakery, a business frequented by much of Warren County’s Spanish-speaking community.

About Academics at Blair

We consider a student’s academic commitment his or her most important responsibility. At Blair, students learn to read closely, think clearly, analyze quantitatively, communicate effectively and broaden their understanding of the world. 

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