Maker Space

Under the guidance of mathematics teacher Jay Gnanadoss, student “makers” are fleshing out a wide range of ideas in Blair’s maker space, a laboratory/workshop where students are engaged in hands-on, design-and-build work.

Freshmen through seniors have undertaken a number of interesting projects, such as creating a domino-stacking robot, 3D-printing and constructing a model of a pagoda, crafting a remote-controlled airplane and building an electric guitar from scratch.

As they assess their project needs and challenges, Mr. Gnanadoss assists students in learning design and 3D-printer software, training them on safe usage of power tools and troubleshooting every step of the way.

Blair’s robotics class is also using the maker space to build a 3D-printed, life-size humanoid robot as part of the open source InMoov project, a collaborative online effort that has connected schools and individuals worldwide. To read more about students' work with InMoov, click here

Take a Look Inside

A video by robotics student Ronan Smarth '19