What Distinguishes Blair's Academic Program?


Teachers set high standards but are generous with their time and support. Founded on academic honor, a Blair education fosters intellectual initiative and persistence; its ultimate aim is to create a life-long love of learning.

From The Seven Principles
  • Teachers who know you well —not just as a student in their classrooms, but as an individual. They know your interests and they understand how you learn, so you are challenged, engaged and motivated in and out of the classroom.
  • Blair’s Honor Code is founded on the belief that the quality of life in any community depends on the ability of all of its members to respect the rights and property of others. On every exam or test, students sign an oath of academic integrity. To learn more about the code, click here.
  • Small classes, where you actively participate in discussion. Our intentional emphasis on discourse, public speaking and writing fosters the ability to express yourself effectively as you learn and engage with your classmates and teachers.
  • No “ceiling” on your learning —so you can pursue more deeply what truly interests you. Blair offers a wide range of honors and advanced placement courses, along with specialized programs generally available only in college–along with teachers who are ready to support and challenge you.
  • Global perspectives —At Blair, classmates and teachers from around the United States and world are excited to learn together, bringing many experiences and perspectives to your education.
  • An extraordinary Skeptics program —as well as opportunities to travel and study beyond campus—that enriches Blair’s classrooms and your unique experience.