Travel & Event Dates

At least one representative of the Blair Academy admission office will be in attendance at the following events.

2016-2017 Schedule of Events

Date Event School Location Time
September 10     Boarding School Fair Wight Foundation Newark, NJ 10:00 AM 
September 10  Boarding School Fair  NJ SEEDS  Englewood, NJ  1:30 PM 
September 12  High School Fair  St. Ignatius Loyola Academy  Baltimore, MD  7:00 PM 
September 12     Boarding School Fair  Parents League of New York New York, NY 4:30 PM
September 13  Boarding School Fair    Bermuda  TBA 
September 14  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception Hopkins Club Baltimore, MD 6:00 PM 
September 18  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception Mayflower Club Washington, D.C.  6:00 PM 
September 19  North Shore Secondary School Fair  Tower School  Marblehead, MA  5:30 PM 
September 19  School Visit   Hillside School  Greenwich, MA  9:00 AM
September 19  Secondary School Fair   The Philadelphia School Philadelphia, PA  7:15 PM 
September 20 Mini-Fair Fay School Southborugh, MA 12:30 PM 
September 20 South Shore Secondary School Fair Derby Academy Hingham, MA

6:30 PM 

September 20 Secondary School Fair Greenwich Catholic School Greenwich, CT 6:30 PM
September 21 School Visit  Fessenden School  Newton, MA 10:00 AM 
September 21  School Visit  Swain School  Allentown, PA  12:00 PM 
September 21  School Visit  Whitby School  Greenwich, CT  12:30 PM 
September 21  Secondary School Fair   Rippowam Cisqua Mt. Kisco, NY   6:30 PM
September 22 Secondary School Fair  Far Hills Country Day School Far Hills, NJ 2:30 PM
September 22  School Visit  Manhattan Country Day School  New York, NY  11:00 AM 
September 23  Interview Day  Robert Treat Academy  Newark, NJ   8:00 AM
September 23  School Visit  St. David's School   New York, NY 10:00 AM 
September 25  3D Prep Showcase  Choate-Rosemary Hall  Wallingford, CT  8:00 AM 
September 26  Secondary School Fair  Trinity School  Austin, TX  6:30 PM
September 26 School Visit Buckley School  New York, NY 10:00 AM 
September 26  School Visit  Eaglebrook School   Deerfield, MA 5:30 PM 
September 26  School Visit  Bement School Deerfield, MA   7:30 PM
September 26 School Visit  The Bank School  New York, NY  8:00 AM 
September 26  School Visit  St. Hilda's and St. Hugh's  New York, NY  10:00 AM 
September 26  School Visit  The Cathedral School  New York, NY  12:00 AM 
September 27  High School Night  Link Community Charter School Newark, NJ   6:00 PM
September 28  School Visit  Rumsey Hall School  Washington Depot, CT  10:00 AM 
October 2  3D Prep Showcase  Dexter Southfield School  Brookline, MA  8:00 AM 
October 3   Secondary School Night  Canterbury School  Greensboro, NC  6:30 PM 
October 4  Secondary School Night  Renbrook School  West Hartford, CT  6:00 PM
October 4 Secondary School Fair  St. Timothy's Day School   Raleigh, NC 6:30 PM 
October 4  Secondary School Night Avery Coonley School Downers Grove, IL 7:00 PM 
October 5 Secondary School Fair  Boulder Country Day School  Boulder, CO  6:30 P.M. 
October 5 Boarding School Fair Lake Forest Country Day School Lake Forest, IL  6:30 PM 
October 5  Secondary School Fair  Newtown Friends  Newtown, PA  7:00 PM 
October 5  Secondary School Fair  Trinity Episcopal School  Charlotte, NC  6:00 PM 
October 6  Graland Country School Fair    Graland School Denver, CO  5:45 PM
October 6  Secondary School Fair  Independent Day School  Middlefield, CT 6:00 PM 
October 6  School Visit The Elisabeth Morrow School Englewood, NJ  11:30 AM 
October 7  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception    Denver, CO 6:00 PM
October 8  Boarding School Fair  Aspen Country Day School Aspen, CO  1:00 PM
October 13  High School Night  Harford Day School  Bel Air, MD  6:30 PM 
October 16   3D Prep Showcase  Episcopal High School  Alexandria, VA  8:00 AM 
October 17  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception   Philadelphia, PA  6:00 PM 
October 19  Secondary School Fair  Chapin School  Princeton, NJ  7:00 PM 
October 24  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception    Austin, TX  6:00 PM 
October 24  School Visit   St. Thomas Choir School New York, NY  12:00 PM 
October 24  School Visit   Village Community School New York, NY   1:45 PM
October 24  School Visit  Town School  New York, NY  3:30 PM 
October 25 Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception    Houston, TX  6:00 PM 
October 26  Mid-Atlantic Boarding School Reception    Chicago, IL  6:00 PM 
November 2-8  Blair in Saudi Arabia   Saudi Arabia  TBA 
November 4  The American Boarding School Fair in Bangkok  Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel Bangkok  6:00 PM 
November 6 The American Boarding School Exhibition in Singapore  Shangri-La Hotel Singapore  2:00 PM 
November 7  Blair in Asia   Vietnam  TBD 
November 8 Blair Academy Reception  Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul, Korea  5:00 PM 
November 11 Blair Academy Reception  The China Club Hong Kong TBA 
November 10-12  Caribbean Boarding School Fair   Trinidad  TBA 
November 12-14  Caribbean Boarding School Fair    St. Lucia TBA 
November 14-15  Caribbean Boarding School Fair    Barbados  TBA 
November 15-17  Caribbean Boarding School Fair    Jamaica  TBA 

The above schedule is in a preliminary stage. Events and staff travel will be added to this page throughout the year, so please continue to check out our website as these dates approach.