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The cross country running experience at Blair is for athletes of all levels of ability and commitment, and the camaraderie and competitive spirit of the girls' team makes for a rewarding experience. Our goal is to assist students in achieving their potential in this sport, wherever their starting point may be. The accent on good sportsmanship and the inclusion of all runners in most events is integral to our philosophy of sport.

Blair’s location in Warren County, New Jersey, is a dream for long-distance runners. Our standard 5K cross country course covers the flats and hills of Blair’s golf course and is a wonderful setting for meets, including the New Jersey state prep championship meet, held here each fall. The course is decidedly “viewer friendly” as it winds through various loops, starting and finishing on the track in front of the stands.

A fair portion of cross country team training takes place on the picturesque Paulinskill River “rails to trails,” which includes 26 miles of dirt and cinder paths just off campus. In addition, Blairstown boasts miles of rural roads, offering runners an aesthetically pleasing training environment that is easy on the legs.

The cross country season runs from early September to mid-November, including a five-day preseason training period that helps prepare runners for the season. Blair competes in the Mid-Atlantic Prep League (MAPL) against Lawrenceville, Hun, Peddie, Hill and Mercersburg, and the team competes in several regional invitational meets, including the Canterbury Invitational in Connecticut, the Newark Invitational in New Jersey and the Paul Short Invitational at Lehigh University. We conclude the season on Peddie Day in November, when, along with all fall sports, we vie for the coveted Kelley-Potter Cup with arch-rival Peddie School.

Meet the Coaches

About Coach Browse

Head coach , appointed in 1982, graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1978 from Middlebury College with a BA in mathematics. In 1989, he earned an MALS in Islamic studies at Columbia University and, in 1991, received his CAS in mathematics from Wesleyan University. Latta taught high school mathematics as a Peace Corps volunteer in Malaysia from 1978 to 1981. For two years, he taught at Antwerp International School as an international baccalaureate math teacher. Over the years, Latta has served in a variety of capacities, including housemaster of Davies, West and Mason Halls, dorm resident in Locke, and sophomore class monitor. He has also served as head or assistant coach for a myriad of sports, including JV soccer, JV baseball, varsity soccer, varsity baseball, winter track and boys' cross country. Latta is currently head coach of the girls' cross country team. He is married to Carolyn Conforti-Browse '79, a veteran English teacher at Blair. They have two children: Tyler '08 and Annelies '13.

About Coach O'Neill

Spanish 2 teacher and assistant boys’ crew coach Rebecca O’Neill earned a bachelor’s degree in Latin American studies with a focus on migration and a minor in Spanish at Bates College (2015). Her Spanish language fluency stems from many years of language study, including at Middlebury Monterey Language Institute, and having lived in Costa Rica for over a year. She gained teaching experience prior to joining Blair's faculty in 2016 as an AmeriCorps national service member, during which time she taught intensive reading and writing classes to Spanish-speaking migrant students and English-language learners at Calabasas Elementary School in California. Rebecca captained the Bates women’s rowing team, rowing in the eight that won the Head of the Charles in 2014 and the varsity eight that won the NCAA Division III championship in 2015. In summer 2017, she coached for a third year at the Junior National Men’s Rowing Development Camp, where she trained future national team rowers. Rebecca is a full-time member of the language faculty and the recipient of the 2016-2017 Hardwick Teaching Fellowship. This award is given annually to a promising young, new teacher to support and encourage a lifelong teaching career. Rebecca was co-chaperone of the marine science trip to the Cayman Islands during winter long weekend 2017; she serves dorm duty in Lakeside Hall and lives on Flight Deck.


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Opponent Date Time Advantage Result Score Status
Newark Invitational
Gill St. Bernard's, Warren Tech
Canterbury Invitational
Peddie JV Invitational
Paul Short Invitational (Lehigh Univ)
Paul Short JV Invitational (Lehigh Univ)
Hill School
MAPLs @ Peddie
Peddie Freshman Invitational


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Past Results

Fall 2016

Date Opponent Location Start Info
9/10 Newark Invitational Away 10:00 am
9/17 Newark Academy Home 2:30 pm
9/24 Canterbury Invitational Away 3:30 pm 8th Place
9/24 JV Invitational @ Peddie Away 4:30 pm
10/1 Paul Short Invitational Away 4:45 pm
10/1 Paul Short Invitational (JV) Away 5:45 pm
10/8 Hun Away 2:30 pm 15-49 W
10/15 Gill St. Bernard's Home 1:30 pm 18-41 W
10/19 Pennington Home 4:15 pm 20-41 W
10/26 States Home 2:30 pm 7th Place
11/2 MAPLs @ Peddie Away 2:00 pm
11/2 MAPL JV Invitational @ Peddie Away 2:30 pm
11/5 Peddie Home 2:45 pm 25-31 W

Fall 2015

Date Opponent Location Time Results
9/12 Newark Invitational Away 10:00 am 8th Place
9/19 Peddie Invitational Away 3:45 pm 4th Place
9/26 Canterbury Invitational Away 2:30 pm 11th Place
10/2 Paul Short Invitational Away 4:30 pm
10/10 Hun Home 2:00 pm 16-47 W
10/14 Pennington Away 4:00 pm 30-27 L
10/14 Stuart Away 4:00 pm 34-21 L
10/14 The Wilberforce School Away 4:00 pm 21-40 W
10/28 States Home 2:30 pm 6th Place
11/4 MAPLs @ Peddie Away 1:30 pm 5th Place
11/7 Peddie Away 2:00 pm 49-15 L

Fall 2014

Date Opponent Location Time Results
9/13 Newark Invitational Away 9:30 am 8th Place
9/20 Canterbury Invitational Away 2:30 pm 7th Place
9/24 Belvidere Away 4:00 pm 19-44 W
9/24 Somerville @ Belvidere Away 4:00 pm 35-21 L
10/4 Paul Short Invitational Away 4:45 pm 24th Place
10/11 Hun Away 4:00 pm 19-40 W
10/15 Pennington Home 4:30 pm 19-41 W
10/29 States Home 6th Place
11/1 MAPLs @ Peddie Away 2:15 pm 4th Place
11/8 Peddie Home 2:45 pm 34-21 L

Fall 2013

Date Opponent Location Time Results
9/14 Villa Walsh Invitational Away 10:00am 4th
9/21 Canterbury Invitational Away 3:00pm 6th
9/28 Lawrenceville and Hun Away 2:00pm 31-27 L
10/5 Paul Short Invitational Away 4:45pm Canc.
10/9 Gill Race Away 4:00pm 1st
10/12 Hun Home 2:00pm 15-50 W
10/16 Pennington Away 4:15pm 22-35 W
10/30 States Home 2:00pm 4th
11/3 MAPLs @ Peddie Away 2:15pm 2nd
11/9 Peddie Away 1:00pm 24-35 W
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