The Blair athletics program offers all students the opportunity to focus and engage in activities that foster good health and well-being, and we believe our approach to physical education benefits our students well beyond the standard "gym class” approach.

Through participation in sports, student-athletes cultivate skills that help them become positive, contributing members of the community. Teamwork, perseverance, leadership and strong work ethic are developed at all levels, and student-athletes learn to embody the values of good sportsmanship, integrity, humility, character and willingness to serve others. By playing on a team, young people develop camaraderie, prepare strategies for competition and learn valuable lessons about achieving their goals.

Freshmen must participate in two competitive sports (but are encouraged to do three); sophomores and juniors must also compete in two. Seniors often play on and lead Blair teams, but they also have the option of participating in other physical activities, including recreational sports such as whitewater kayaking. Every day, from 3:30 p.m. to about 5 p.m., all students at Blair participate in a physical activity (the performing arts also qualify as an athletic credit).

Adding to the excitement is competition among the six schools in the Mid-Atlantic Prep League (MAPL), which includes Blair, Peddie School, The Hun School, The Hill School, Lawrenceville School and Mercersburg Academy. The schools compete for MAPL championships in most team sports, as well as for an overall annual trophy that goes to the school that has won the most championships.

This spirit of competition and sportsmanship ignites great passion among Blair’s athletes, and the MAPL adds another dimension to the School’s strong athletic program. Blair’s traditional rival is Peddie School, and our annual Peddie Day contests have occurred each year since 1903, alternating between Blairstown and Hightstown. The tradition, which began as a football rivalry (New Jersey’s oldest), has grown into a daylong showcase of School pride and spirit that includes contests in all fall sports. Peddie Day concludes with the presentation of the Kelley-Potter Cup to the school that has achieved the most victories. The grand pep rally and bonfire that kick off the weekend, as well as the Cup ceremony, are among the most-anticipated annual events at Blair.