1848 Society Committee

Named in honor of the year in which Blair Academy was founded, the 1848 Society Committee works to encourage leadership giving to the Blair Fund and to motivate current leadership donors to increase their level of support.

The 1848 Society Committee strives to ensure the continued fulfillment of Blair Academy’s mission.

2015-2016 1848 Society Committee

 Mr. John E. Alden Jr. ’63 Mr. Willard S. Mahood ’60 
Mr. Norman E. Beatty ’58 Mr. William R. Martens ’52
Mr. Joseph E. Bell, Jr. ’59 Mr. Donald H. McCree Jr. ’54
Mr. David H. Bugen ’66 Mr. Stuart G. Miller ’61
Mr. J. Jeffrey Corwin ’65 Dr. Mark D. Moon ’84
Ms. Anne E. Cramer Esq. ’75 Mr. James H. G. Naisby ’57
Mr. William B. Cramer Esq. ’64 Mr. Robert A. Neff ’49
Mr. Craig U. Dana Sr. ’60 Mr. Jonathan W. Peters ’68
Mr. Courtney R. Fritts ’56
Mr. Dominick J. Romano ’74
Mr. H. James Griffith ’60
Mr. Frederick W. Rose Esq. ’51
Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein ’78 Mr. Alexander J. Sloane ’70
Mr. Peter S. Humphrey ’62
Mr. Herbert D. Sturman ’53
Mr. Robert N. Jenkins ’69
Mr. Jon L. Ten Haagen ’62
Mr. Willard H. Johnson ’62 Mr. Hobart D. Van Deusen ’54
Mrs. Stefanie R. Kuhner ’96
Mr. Robert L. Van Stone ’69
Mr. Stathes J. Kulukundis ’60
Mr. David D. Wakefield ’48
Ms. Marianne Lieberman ’79
Mrs. Amelia C. Wolfe ’85

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