Board of Governors

The purpose of the Alumni Association Board of Governors is to promote a continuing, meaningful and effective relationship between alumni and the School.

The Board acts as an advisory body to the Head of School, with whom they meet regularly, and also focuses on issues related directly to alumni—such as alumni relations, communication, reunions and fundraising.

2016-2017 AABOG Members

James H. G. Naisby ’57, President   Linda M. Fellows '86
Robert Van Stone '69, Vice-President
Carrie R. Giddins Pergram '92
Derek M. Peachey '93, Trustee Liaison
Brandon D. Lucien '03
Bruce D. Holenstein ’78, Secretary Kaitlin G. Maillet '04
Thomas M. Barnes '81 Quinn C. McKay '11
Carl R. Cramer '72
Alex S. Motiuk ’08
Denise (Stocker) Current '74
Carly E. Pearson '04
Anthony Z. Eu '06
Hobart D. Van Deusen ’54

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