Highlights of Headmasters’ Societies Games

By Chloe Kim ’17

Posted: February 28, 2017

Last week was, indeed, a busy week. The much-anticipated Headmasters’ Societies Games took place throughout the week, and students were eager to cut through the February cold to compete against their friends and faculty. Starting on February 20, Blair students donned their team colors—red, blue, green and purple—when Head of School Chris Fortunato announced the start of the games at Monday School Meeting.

Associate Dean of Students Andee Ryerson and her husband, science teacher Michael Ryerson, were commissioners of the games for the second-consecutive year. They arranged many games and activities in which everyone could participate. Some contests have taken place for many years, including brain puzzles, spoon soccer and the Geller Relay. Other activities, such as the Sorting Ceremony, FIFA Soccer (a football video game) and a photo contest, were added more recently.

While the challenges themselves were very exciting to watch, the most heartwarming part about the week was the energy and sense of community everyone felt when they competed. No matter how little one student knew another, as long as they were on the same team, they could shout and cheer for each other. Erica Choi ’19, a two-year member of Team Sharpe, claimed that her favorite part of the games was cheering on her teammates. “When I screamed their names, and they looked back at me with a smile, it really made my day,” she said.

The writer’s favorite event, except for the talent show, has always been the paper airplane contest during Friday School Meeting. The tension right before team members fly their carefully folded airplanes (all in their team colors, of course), and the roar after they glide onto the stage are just too exhilarating to forget.

Throughout the week, no clear winner emerged until the talent show on Friday, the last day of the Headmasters’ Societies Games. The talent show was held in two parts: the small act and the big act. As in past years, the performers’ unexpected genius and creativity really shocked the crowd, whether they were demonstrating eye-catching gymnastic moves, displaying fascinating yo-yo skills or singing in incredible voices that resonated throughout DuBois Theatre.

At the end of the talent show, Team Kelley was pronounced the overall winner of the 2017 Headmasters’ Societies Games, while Teams Sharpe, Howard and Breed placed second, third and fourth, respectively. This was Kelley’s first win in nine years (since 2008), which made it that much more thrilling.

While the games have now ended, the team spirit and sense of belonging will still ring for a long time—maybe even until the next Headmasters’ Societies Games begin.

Senior Chloe Kim will cover a number of campus events this year in her role as intern to Blair's communications department.

Last Updated: April 5, 2017