Grandparents Visit Campus on April 19!

By Caroline Devlin ’17

Posted: April 19, 2017

Blair students enjoyed a restful, four-day Easter weekend, followed by Grandparents' Day! On Wednesday, April 19, grandparents were invited to tour campus, attend classes and watch athletic events with their grandchildren. Similar to Parents' Weekend in October, Grandparents' Day was an opportunity for families to get involved in School life and experience a Blair Academy student's typical day.

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The day began with coffee, registration and a meeting in Armstrong-Hipkins Center for the Arts, during which Head of School Chris Fortunato welcomed all of those attending. What followed was one of the highlights of Grandparents Day—a concert! The concert included a performance by the Blair Academy Singers and Orchestra; both groups worked tirelessly to put on the best show for family.

Afterward, grandparents attended classes with their grandchildren, where some completed a lab in biology, solved a difficult equation in math or played a game resembling Jeopardy in history. The day was jam-packed, and the community enjoyed seeing new, smiling faces in the dining hall, where Grandmas are often impressed by the fancy desserts.

Grandparents also took campus tours and attended a faculty panel discussion, where they asked questions while their grandchildren finished classes. After the class day was over, grandparents had the option to watch various sports teams compete against rival Mid-Atlantic Prep League schools, a true highlight for every grandchild. Because Grandparents' Day took place on a Wednesday, many home matches and games were scheduled, allowing students to show off the skills they've learned so far this spring season.

Overall, many students enjoyed showing their grandparents around and making their family a part of the School experience!

Senior Caroline Devlin will cover a number of campus events this year in her role as intern to Blair's communications department

Last Updated: May 3, 2017