Easter Fun on Campus

By Chloe Kim ’17

Posted: April 19, 2017

As the magnolia tree at the center of Blair’s campus began to bloom, students and faculty welcomed spring over the long Easter weekend. Many events were held from Friday, April 14, through Monday, April 17, including a “Fujiyama fare,” a fire pit and s’mores, and trips to a Thai restaurant and a movie theatre. Students and faculty on weekend duty nibbled on delicacies from sushi to marshmallows. However, the most notable celebration was the annual Easter Egg Hunt.

This year, the Easter Egg Hunt was held at Hampshire Field and around the tennis courts and was accompanied by various turf games. Dozens of colorful plastic eggs were hidden for the Blair community to find. This beloved tradition brought the Blair family together as faculty kids, students and teachers alike gleefully scavenged for the prizes. The eggs contained delightful gifts, one of the favorites being chocolate.

This year’s egg hunt was planned by math teachers Danyelle Doldoorian and Tracy Klein. Ms. Doldoorian said that the hunt “brought out a sense of childhood for everyone at the School. When I was wholly focused on trying to find the eggs, I could relax and enjoy the present. We all needed that.”

Overall, Easter was a serene weekend that allowed students to let go of their responsibilities for a moment, connect with friends and family, and enjoy the spring breezes that arrived in Blairstown.

Senior Chloe Kim will cover a number of campus events this year in her role as intern to Blair's communications department.

Last Updated: April 19, 2017