Student Life

While academic preparation is central to the Blair experience, we believe firmly in our student life curriculum and emphasize leadership, service, and the ability to live in a residential community as essential elements of a student’s preparation for college and life.

Our students find their days filled with academic, social, athletic, and community activities and an integral part of the Blair experience is learning how to enjoy the many opportunities on campus, while also managing one’s time in healthy and productive ways.  

Shortly after arriving on campus, Blair students will quickly learn the routine—meals are served in The Romano Dining Hall, School Meeting takes place on Mondays and Fridays in DuBois Theatre, and afternoons are reserved for athletic competitions and extracurricular activities. During the week, classes are supplemented by programs such as the weekly Society of Skeptics lecture, at which an engaging speaker visits campus to share his or her insight into world affairs, science, technology, media or journalism.

Throughout the year, students also enjoy a wide range of concerts, art openings and receptions, poetry readings, theatre productions and off-campus excursions to nearby New York City. On the weekends, the Blair community comes together in a more relaxed setting for barbeques, dances, intramural sporting competitions and music festivals.


  • Blair's Debate Team hosted its first Skeptics event in 2014.

    Debate Team Argues Immigration Reform at Skeptics

    Posted October 27, 2016

    When Emily Choi ’17 and Alecia Mund ’17 arrived at Blair as freshmen three years ago, they were eager to get involved in the community. Both girls joined the debate club freshman year to try something new, unaware that they would not only fall in love with public speaking, but also become the leaders ushering in Blair’s most extensive debate season to date.

  • Presidential Election Seminar Brings Issues into Focus

    Posted October 26, 2016

    As the presidential election heated up this fall, politically minded Blair students have delved deeply into its issues and implications at the School’s multipart Presidential Election Seminar. During nine lunchtime and evening sessions and a daylong trip to Boston—with three meetings yet to come, including election night coverage in The Black Canteen—students from every grade, along with faculty, administrators and guest participants have discussed the candidates, their campaigns, what’s at stake for our country and much more, in an effort to better comprehend the many aspects of the contentious election season.

  • Parents Enjoy a Weekend at Blair

    By Caroline Devlin ’17
    Posted October 21, 2016

    Now that fall has begun and students are deep into school-year classes, sports and activities, everyone enjoyed showing their parents a glimpse of their daily lives at Blair Academy during Parents’ Weekend.

About Life at Blair

To really experience Blair, you have to visit our campus, but this short film about student life at different times of the year gives some insight into what it is like to be a member of the Blair community.

From day one, our community’s warm welcome tells even the youngest students that Blair is not just their new school, but also their new family. This family, the Blair community, challenges and encourages students to maximize their potential and instills in them the tools that they will need to successfully navigate college and life beyond.”  

Ryan Pagotto, associate head of school