Leadership & Service

The public purpose of a private education is taking the gift of the Blair experience and using what you learn to help others across content, continents and cultures. We are creating an awareness of the joy found in service to others. And we are showing kids that they can invest their most valuable commodity—their time—and have an immediate impact.Chris Fortunato, Head of School

At Blair, leadership and service are woven into every curricular and co-curricular experience. More than half of Blair’s student body serves our community in a leadership role.

We believe that leadership is not an innate character trait, but a set of individual skills that can be taught, practiced and developed over time. Inside and outside the classroom, students have many hands-on opportunities to hone their ability to communicate, problem-solve, team-build and collaborate with others in pursuit of a shared vision.

Our faculty also underscore the extraordinary learning value of acquiring knowledge in the classroom and using it in ways that meaningfully affect others. Blair emphasizes service as an intellectual exercise, as well as a hands-on one.

Blair students are engaged in service projects addressing educational disparities, environmental challenges and disaster recovery. In recent years, volunteers have tutored at local elementary schools, raised money for regional shelters for abused women, and worked to solve real-world problems with large organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

On our annual Day of Service, our students, faculty and staff fan out to assist various nonprofits across the region, many of which already know Blair students from working with the sophomore Blair LEADS classes throughout the school year. And the Blair community regularly holds fundraisers for meaningful causes, including the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, local charities and families in need.
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