The Romano Gallery

The Romano Gallery features exhibits throughout the year.

Located in Armstrong-Hipkins Center for the Arts, the gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, when school is in session. Artist receptions begin at 7 p.m., unless otherwise noted. Dates and times of individual exhibits are subject to change, so please check this section of the website as individual exhibition dates approach. 

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Romano Gallery Exhibitions for 2015-2016   

Shellie Jacobson.jpg

Clay & Ink

September 1 to 26; reception on September 17
Ceramic artist and printmaker Shellie Jacobson draws her inspiration from nature, ancient languages  and her personal wellspring. In building large clay forms and creating etchings, relief prints and artist’s books, Shellie views the creative cycle between mediums as a dance set to the music of her own inspiration.


Jon Naar.jpg

The Photography of Jon Naar

September 29 to October 24; reception on October 1 
Jon Naar’s photographs range from portraits of famous people, such as Andy Warhol, to ordinary people and street scenes with everything from graffiti to elegant architecture. The artist brings aesthetic sensibility and thoughtful reflection to every image; his street scenes in particular were characterized by one art critic as “a magic doorway to poetry.” A photographer since age 16, Mr. Naar has enjoyed a distinguished career highlighted by a Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition now housed in its permanent collection. 


John Belardo.jpg

Figurative Complexity

October 27 to November 28; reception on November 12
By cultivating dynamic terra cotta systems in which several figures interact physically, John Belardo explores complex sculptural composition. There is a spontaneous order that emerges through his complicated, yet delicately unified designs. 


Joseph Losavio.jpg

A New Earth is Begun

December 1 to 30, December 22 to 30 by appt; reception on December 3
Joseph Losavio pairs paintings and verse in his personal exploration of the myth of creation. Celebrating his belief that the manifest world is rooted in the human soul, he employs landscape as a metaphor for the self-reflective universe. By dynamically juxtaposing realistic and abstract styles in oil paintings and collage materials, the artist beckons viewers to enter a liminal world of earthly desire and spiritual transcendence. His work celebrates humanity’s individuality, diversity, collective understanding and potential.


Kathleen Hall.jpg

Observed Fictions

January 5 to 30; reception on January 14
Kathleen Hall’s paintings are situated between still life and landscape, the observed and the imagined. She works from setups constructed from found materials that she transforms into diorama-like worlds. The most recent work in this exhibition explores patterns and spatial devices inspired by miniatures and illuminated manuscripts.



Annual Blair Faculty Art Show

February 2 to March 2; reception on February 4
At this annual exhibit, Blair faculty members will showcase their talents in a range of mediums. For  detailed information about what will be shown, visit Blair's website in early 2016.


Julie Jankowski.jpg

Surface Tension

March 22 to April 23; reception on April 14 
Julie Jankowski's paintings, drawings and digital images are threaded with environmental queries and socio-political quandaries around literal points on the map, as a conceptual basis for exploring the world from vast distances. She references images from satellite photography and analytical data maps to illustrate the relationships between the engineered and natural worlds. 


Annual Student Art Exhibition

April 28 to May 24; reception on April 28
Displaying student work of all different mediums, this show celebrates the accomplishments, hard work and dedication of Blair’s talented fine artists.