Students pose for a class photo prior to Convocation
A student meets with his college counselor.
Jim Moore english class
All students spelling out %22Blair%22
Blair students walk to their next class.

Blair Values

Blair’s mission is to know our students so we may empower them to understand more fully themselves and the world. Through strong relationships with faculty and experiences designed to challenge our students, they nurture identities as skilled learners and engaged members of a diverse community. Blair students depart not only as prepared undergraduates, but ultimately as global citizens contributing to the greater good.

As a school and as individual community members, Blair is committed to core values that determine who we are and how we treat one another. Both the Seven Principles and the Five Fundamentals of Living and Working at Blair serve as guideposts as we strive to make our community a place where all students are empowered to realize their full potential. The Seven Principles encapsulate the values and ideals that inform our work as a broader school community in and out of the classroom. The Five Fundamentals of Living and Working at Blair define a standard of behavior for living as part of our campus community. Learn more about how each of these sets of values permeate every aspect of students' experiences at Blair through the links below.