All In The Campaign for Blair Academy 2018-2025


Blair students are remarkably kind and selfless, always lending a hand to those who need it. I could not be happier about choosing Blair, because along with all of the amazing curricular opportunities it has offered, I can truly say I have met some of the warmest, most caring people in the world here.

William, pennsylvania

Blair Academy is home to a vibrant learning community where strong relationships between teachers and students are at the heart of an extraordinary educational experience. The values and ideals that inform our work in and out of the classroom are encapsulated in these seven principles:

Evan Thomas works with an art student.

We Know Our Students

Blair teachers are experts in their subject areas and they know our students exceptionally well. The full faculty meets four times a year to discuss each student’s progress; faculty members are active in every aspect of student life; and each student is guided by both an assigned academic monitor and an advisor of his or her own choosing. Our knowledge of students across contexts results in profoundly impactful relationships and helps teachers to expertly guide, mentor, and challenge students in classrooms and beyond.


Blair's science poster expo 2022

Excellent Communication is a Top Priority

The ability to concisely and compellingly convey one’s message is an essential leadership skill; at Blair, teaching the art of effective communication is among our highest priorities. Our cross-curricular communication initiative and myriad public speaking opportunities prepare students to advocate for themselves and engage with others in ways that build vital relationships. As a School, we are committed to communicating purposefully and effectively with parents, students, alumni and with each other as colleagues.

Students complete a science experiment.

Superior Academic Preparation Inspires a Lifetime of Learning

Blair’s robust curriculum features rigorous traditional coursework and innovative electives. Spirited class discussion—that often carries over into the dorms and dining hall—hands-on projects and collaborative problem-solving are all features of our academic program. In every classroom, as teachers challenge students with new ideas and skills, they ensure that students learn how to learn, preparing them to confidently and creatively address the demands of college and our ever-changing global society.

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An Inclusive and Connected Community Expands Horizons

At Blair, integrity, responsibility and respect for others shape campus life. With kindness and empathy, our inclusive and dynamic community welcomes people of many backgrounds; as we embrace challenges and opportunities, close relationships are forged and learning on many levels results. Engaging classrooms and learning to lead and work together on athletic teams and in the arts help students become independent and confident adults who eagerly step outside their comfort zones—and who remain connected for life to the global Blair community.


Blair trip to Cuba

Real-World Engagement and Service to Others Engender Meaningful Experiences

Blair students look beyond themselves by engaging in the world around them and serving others. Our traditions of School Meeting and Chapel, along with The Blair Leadership Stories Project and conversations on campus, help students develop a strong character and value system as they become global citizens. On-campus speakers, local and international service endeavors, and school break travel opportunities help students apply academic studies to real-world issues, creating impactful connections and experiences.

Students play catch in their dorm room.

We Have Purposefully Chosen to be a Midsize Boarding School

Our personal knowledge of individual students distinguishes us as a School, and we are well aware that such knowledge is possible only in a community small enough for genuine relationships. Yet, providing a variety of programs and diversity of student experiences requires a certain breadth and scale. At Blair, we believe that being a midsize, residential school allows us to achieve both goals. We are committed to being a “boarding school” and offering our day students a superb educational experience as well.


A student exits Clinton Hall after classes.

We Prepare Our Students Exceptionally Well for a Lifetime of Accomplishment

The Blair experience is a personalized one that provides students many opportunities to achieve excellence and to become service-minded leaders and adults of outstanding character. Yet, the Blair experience and diploma are never ends in themselves: We expect students to attend a college or university that furthers their intellectual and personal development and to achieve worthwhile accomplishments in life. Our foundation of relationship-based learning gives students a competitive advantage as they navigate college and the professional world.