2019 Blair Review Essays Portray Transition from High School to College
Joanne Miceli

History teacher Martin Miller, PhD, and Director of Timken Library Ann Williams once again collaborated on the publication of the Blair Review, a biannual compilation of personal essays penned by members of the School community. The 2019 edition embraces a topic to which nearly all members of the Blair family can relate: the time-honored transition from high school to college.

This year’s alumni and faculty essayists are men and women from different generations, geographical regions and socioeconomic backgrounds, but as Dr. Miller points out in the volume’s introduction, some common themes emerge in their stories. Most notably, he writes, “The distance from the current Blair experience is simply stunning in terms of the intensity of counseling and the expectations of prospective collegians.” Yet, despite the fact that “our authors’ decision-making was often a hodge-podge of guesswork, the tossing of darts at the map of higher education,” it usually worked out well in the end.

“As we put the Review together, Dr. Miller worked his usual magic to allow writers to bloom—he even had me write an essay for this issue,” Mrs. Williams said. “In the end, I was entertained and moved by the stories people shared, and I hope our readers enjoy this edition.”

Dr. Miller noted that at the outset of the project, he and Mrs. Williams were not quite sure if the topic “from high school to college” would work. “Any number of evocative submissions have already elicited a warm response from the readership,” he continued. “My hunch is we underestimated how deeply this rite of passage is imprinted on our memories.”   

To read this fascinating edition of the Blair Review online, click here. If you would like to receive a paper copy, email Ann Williams at willia@blair.edu or call (908) 362-6121, ext. 5725. 

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