All In The Campaign for Blair Academy 2018-2025
cup stacking HMS
dodgeball HMS
opening games HMS
howard flag football HMS
howard breed faceoff HMS
sharpe girl flag football
howard girls HMS
hms indoor soccer
erg comp HMS
erg relay HMS
breed sharpe bball HMS
girls Bball HMS
coach board bball HMS
HMS boats howard
boat races HMS
fans cheer at pool during HMS
rock paper scissors hMS
Kelley wins RPS HMS
putt putt contest HMS
puttputt HMS boys
sharpe bball team huddle HMS
kelley boys cheering HMS
videogames during HMS
smash bros comp HMS
boys soccer HMS celebrating
boys soccer indoor HMS
girls mural painting HMS
oreo stacking HMS
girls oreo stacking HMS
Palanca/Clavel faculty volleyball
faculty volleyball handshake
breed faculty volleyball HMS
Kelley boys soccer HMS
breed girls soccer HMS
Jay Wills playing volleyball
kelley girl serves volleyball HMS
boys playing volleyball HMS
breed students volleyball
breed girls tug-of-war
kelley girls tug-of-war
howard students tug-of-war
sharpe faculty tug-of-war
josh anthony plays pool
students playing pool high-five
students sing and play guitar during HMS
girl sings during HMS 2024
sharpe students dance HMS
Kelley students dance HMS 2024
howard students dance HMS
howard umbrella dance HMS
breed students sing in hats
sharpe students sing HMS
sharpe wins HMS 2024
2024 Headmasters' Societies Games
Chris Palanca

Blair Academy’s annual Headmasters’ Societies Games kick off this week, marking the 21st installment of this spirited School tradition. Over the years, this late-February competition has become a favorite event among students and faculty alike, evolving to feature over 60 competitions spread across six action-packed days. While the challenges have changed over the course of two decades, the format remains the same: participants are sorted into four teams, each bearing the name of a former Blair headmaster—Breed, Howard, Kelley and Sharpe—and engage in a delightful variety of both silly and serious contests. The week always concludes with a spirited talent show during which one team is crowned the victor. 

Please continue to check this page for photos of the games throughout the week. Updated daily, these snapshots from Director of School Photography Tyson Trish and Video and Marketing Specialist CJ Palanca offer glimpses into the camaraderie, competition and joy that define this beloved Blair tradition.

Click the video below to watch a few of this year’s fearless competitors share their thoughts on the upcoming showdown!


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