Accomplishments Recognized at Senior Prize Assembly

With graduation just a few days away, the members of the class of 2021 came together on May 21 to celebrate one another’s achievements at the Senior Prize Assembly. Held in Armstrong-Hipkins Center for the Arts’ DuBois Theatre, the event gave Blair’s department heads and administrators the opportunity to recognize the top seniors in each academic discipline, as well as in the arts, in athletics and in the life of the School.

Head of School Peter G. Curran welcomed senior class members, whom he initially had the privilege of meeting as prospective students in his former role as Dean of Admission. "I remember admission committee meetings where we discussed your incredible strengths and merits, and we knew that you were going to wow us all,” he said. “And you have done exactly that, especially over these last 15 months. Please know how proud we are of your accomplishments."

To watch the full presentation, press play below:

Among the many awards presented at the Senior Prize Assembly, one honor was accorded to a faculty member: The James M. Howard Jr. Fellowship Prize. This award recognizes an early career teacher who has especially impacted the Blair community over the course of the year. Assistant Head of School and Dean of Faculty Lorry Perry presented the honor to science teacher Nadia Abascal, PhD, noting that, in accordance with tradition, the members of the senior class had assisted in selecting Dr. Abascal as this year’s recipient.

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the class of 2021 gift to Blair Academy by Advancement Ambassadors Jasneed Meghadri ’21 and Jonathan Wong ’21. Ninety-eight percent of the senior class contributed to the gift, which totaled $1,945 and included donations earmarked for the Blair Fund and the Scholarship Fund. The bulk of the senior class gift—nearly $1,700—will help fund The Class of 2021 Scholarship, a fundraising endeavor that seniors have undertaken with their parents.

Blair Trustee the Rev. David Harvey closed the Senior Prize Assembly with a benediction, and then the audience enjoyed the premier of the Class of 2021 Video Perspective, a film created by seniors that highlights all the happenings of the historic 2020-2021 school year.

Class of 2021 Prizewinners:

THE DURLAND PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, awarded to that student who has demonstrated extraordinary ability and interest in computer programming or computer applications while at Blair: Sarab Singh Anand

THE DUMONT ENGLISH PRIZE, awarded to the member of the senior class who ranked highest in English and presented in memory of the late Senator Wayne Dumont and his father, Wayne Dumont Sr. by Mrs. Helen Dumont: Grace Anderson Hogue & Linda Marie Starrs

THE ROBERT F. HARRIS MEMORIAL TROPHY, awarded to a member of the senior class for special interest and outstanding achievement in the study of English literature: Lucy Pearl Clayton & Ava Ryan Nothstine

THE EDYTH JEFFREY SHAKESPEARE ESSAY PRIZE, awarded to a Blair Academy student based on an essay related to the work of William Shakespeare: John Charles Weber III

AN ART PRIZE, awarded to the student who, in his or her study of art, is widening his or her life by sharpening his or her perceptions: Katherine Allison Jacobs

ART DEPARTMENT PRIZES, recognizing outstanding work in these areas:

DESIGN: Matthew K. Neuffer

TWO DIMENSIONAL ART: Eunseo Elle Choi & Ashley Hanrui Dai


PHOTOGRAPHY: Avery Patricia Lehman & Linda Jorden Maree Thomas-Galloway  

THE PAUL R. WHITE HISTORY PRIZE, awarded to that student who is considered to be the most proficient history student in the senior class: Grace Anderson Hogue

THE CHARLES H. BREED LATIN PRIZE, awarded to an outstanding student in advanced Latin: Alice Catherine Devereux

THE MARGUERITE DEYSSON HABERMANN MEMORIAL FRENCH PRIZE, awarded to a senior who has done exceptionally well in French: Abigail Margot Schwartz

SPANISH LANGUAGE PRIZE: Ashley Hanrui Dai & Alexandra Andrea Bakulina

THE WINSON D. EWING PRIZE, awarded to that student who is considered to be the most outstanding mathematics student in the senior class: Hao Hank Cui

THE HARDING MEMORIAL PRIZE, awarded to that student who has contributed most to musical organizations:  Linda Marie Starrs & Nathaniel Chung Hsing Tung

THE JOSEPH F. EBERLE MEMORIAL PRIZE, awarded to that student who exhibits outstanding achievement in music: Michael Gerard Richardson

THE ROBERT F. HARRIS DRAMATICS AWARD, presented to that member of the student body who has shown the highest standard of excellence in dramatics: Michael Gerard Richardson

THE PETER L. AMERMAN RELIGION PRIZE, awarded to that student of religion who has been most challenged by the material encountered and who has demonstrated an effort to re-evaluate the philosophy of life accordingly: Daniel Siyuan Dai

THE SCIENCE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, presented to that student who exhibits an overwhelming passion and commitment toward science and who has written a superior academic record in multiple AP science courses: Lucy Pearl Clayton, Daniel Siyuan Dai & Dylan Tianyu Zhu

THE DONALD E. LAWSHE PRIZE, presented in memory of former Blair physics teacher Donald E. Lawshe to that student who has consistently demonstrated a passion for science and a dedication to interests beyond the classroom: Jessica Grace Wilm

THE ROBERT DALLING PRIZE, presented to the male athlete who has best represented Blair Academy in athletic competition: Jaylen Tomi Blakes

THE WILLIAM ZESTER MEMORIAL AWARD, presented to the female athlete who has best represented Blair Academy in athletic competition: Olivia Rose Miles

THE HERBERT J. SIEGEL ’46 SPORTSMANSHIP PRIZE, presented to those seniors whose sportsmanship, spirit and selfless dedication to their teams best represent the ideals of Blair Academy: Aaron Yassin Armitage, Morgan Avery Jones, Dominique Alexis Darius & Grace Anderson Hogue  

THE LEE ROSE MEMORIAL TROPHY, awarded to the senior who while performing with merit in the classroom, has made significant contribution to Blair life: Ashley Hanrui Dai & Mollie Elizabeth Sysler

THE FRANKLIN PRIZE, awarded to the senior who has shown the greatest development and improvement throughout the course: Ava Rose Gamble & John Charles Weber III

THE SELENA AND JAMES HOWARD PRIZE, awarded to a senior who is deserving of recognition not provided in other awards: Michael Gerard Richardson & Miki G. Wang

THE HAROLD F. WALKER MEMORIAL PRIZE, awarded to a senior who is deserving of recognition not provided in other awards: Simar Singh Anand & Oliver Patrick Tipton

THE JOHN H. WYETH YEARBOOK PRIZE: Hoi Ki Kathy Fong, Isabelle Sara Laxer, Xinyi Lu & Abney Tessier Whitehead

Inducted into Cum Laude:  

Aksher Aiyer

Sarab Singh Anand

Simar Singh Anand

Johannes Boellhoff

Zachary Goncalves

Nicholas Harpe

Xinyi Lu

Siddharth Mehta

Olivia Ann Mohlmann

Oliver Patrick Tipton

Nathaniel Chung Hsing Tung

Hei Chun Jeffrey Wu

Senior Athletic Award, given to students who have earned seven or more varsity letters (five varsity letters for new juniors or three varsity letters for postgraduates):

Aaron Yassin Armitage

Alexandra Andrea Bakulina

Beverley Condoleezza Marie Da Costa

Ashley Hanrui Dai

Alice Catherine Devereux

Owen Gerald Donaghy

John Jason Hadden Jr.

Grace Anderson Hogue

Morgan Avery Jones

Sofia Louise Kasparik

Avery Patricia Lehman

Olivia Rose Miles

Olivia Ann Mohlmann

Hunter Olaf Sloan

Jenna Madison Van Valkenburg

Corrine Amber Wilm

Jessica Grace Wilm


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