Annual Faculty Art Show Opens in Romano Gallery
Brittany Rockenfeller

Blair's annual faculty and staff art show is one of The Romano Gallery's best events, and this year's exhibition, featuring the artwork of Blair's teachers and staff members, runs from February 10 to March 7. An artists' reception on February 27 at 7 p.m. will give the Blair community a chance to learn more about the creative process behind the works on display, which represent several different art mediums.

The following Blair faculty and staff members have pieces on display:

  • Lisa Acker (director of counseling) – Watercolor painting
  • Rita Baragona (co-director of the Romano Gallery)  – Painting
  • Tim Devaney (language teacher) – Photography
  • Erika Croat (academic office administrative assistant) - Hand-painted mandalas
  • Keenan Friend (math teacher) – Photography
  • Rod Gerdsen (science teacher)  – Chainsaw wood & rock sculpture
  • Sonia Hanson (spring play director) – Painted silk scarves
  • Robert Hanson (video studies teacher)  – Timelapses, photography & painting
  • Joyce Lang (language department chair)  – Photography
  • Andrea Magat-Molteni (former yearbook advisor)  – Macrame
  • Aimee Neary (director of children’s learning center)  – Photography
  • Shana Russell (associate dean of college counseling) – Photography
  • Kate Skeffington (library assistant)  – Hand dyed, woven shawls
  • Kate Sykes (fine arts department chair)  – Ceramic planters
  • Evan Thomas (fine arts teacher) – Painting, drawings & photography
  • Tyson Trish (fine arts teacher)  – Photography

Mrs. Skyes calls the show eclectic and notes how it demonstrates the artists’ personal, unique interests and thoughts.

“It is important for students to see that the love for being creative and making things can be a life-long pursuit,” Mrs. Sykes said. “Some people create just for fun or as a hobby, and others for the personal, intellectual challenges and problem solving that come from making art.”

Mrs. Sykes also noted the example the art show can model for students, especially when it comes for making time for things you love. “We can show our devotion to art for our students, who see us often dominated by work and familial commitments,” Mrs. Sykes said. “This way, they can see that it is possible to find a balance in their lives and pursue what matters to them.”

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