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Basketball Coach Joe Mantegna Led the 2022 USA Nike Hoop Summit Team
Brittany Rockenfeller

For the greater Blair community, Joe Mantegna has become a household name synonymous with excellence in athletics and leadership. The head boys’ varsity basketball coach and associate dean of college counseling is often seen and heard around the world, leading teams to victory and training upcoming players through basketball programs. In April, he will be seen on the national stage.

On April 8, 2022, Coach Mantegna will lead the 2022 USA Nike Hoop Summit Team in Portland, Oregon, as they face off against the ​​2022 World Select Team, according to a USA Basketball press release. This is the first time the Nike Hoop Summit will be held following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Selected by the USA Basketball Men’s Developmental National Team Committee, the 2022 USA Nike Hoop Summit Team features 12 top-recruited athletes from across the nation.  “I will be coaching the 12 best seniors in the USA against some of the world’s best junior players,” Coach Mantegna says. “Every NBA team will be on site scouting and this is a wonderful opportunity to coach and learn from these future pros.” The team will be led by assistant coaches Scott Fitch and Chet Mason, in addition to Head Coach Mantegna. According to the statement, the contest has been held annually since 1995 (with the exception of 2001-03 and 2020-21).

The Blair community looks forward to hearing about Coach Mantegna’s success in Portland. For more information about the nationally televised Nike Hoop Summit, visit


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