Blair Community Celebrates Underclass Achievements
Heather Sprague

On the evening of May 31, 2022, the ninth, 10th and 11th grades came together to celebrate their schoolmates’ academic accomplishments. Dean of Academics Nathan Molteni opened the assembly saying, “The work of real learning is dirty and messy and it leaves a mark. That mark is what we take away with us after a year of learning. It’s the memories of surprising encounters, challenging ideas, inspiring teachers, your personal willpower to learn, your struggle to do it consistently and your willingness to let others help you along the way.” 

Faculty presented numerous subject and departmental awards to deserving students, including English teacher Kaye Evans who inducted 13 juniors into the Cum Laude Soceity to recognize their outstanding scholastic achievement. 

Click “play” below to watch the assembly. 

Congratulations to all of the students who were awarded recognition for their accomplishments on Tuesday!

The Phillips-James Rosen Trophy: Mallory Allen ’23 & Carnegie Johnson ’23

The John Kinch Leach Merit Award: Emma Clavel ’24 & Leo Munasinghe ’24

The David Avery-Jones Freshman Prize: Carson Bowman ’25 & Genesis Medina ’25

The Joan and Fernando Marcial Prize: Ksenia Burdiuzha ’24 & Tobenna Esomeju ’23

The Stephen Curry Prize: Brynne Grant ’24
Cum Laude Society: Kathryn Collins ’23, Fengyi Han ’23, Yunseo Jeong ’23, Elizabeth Kim ’23, Chloe Lau ’23, Bertrand Li ’23, Brian Liu '23Charlize Templeton ’23, Long Hoang Tran ’23, Ellie Walker ’23, Xiaoyu Wang ’23, Linyun Wu ’23 & Qiya Zhang ‘23

The Edyth Jeffrey Shakespeare Essay Prize: Meredith Abbott ’24, Reuben Akinyemiju ’25, Natalie Chamberlain ’24, Avery Cheng ’25, Ruby DeFrank ’24, Leilah Elkholy ’25, Dmitry Grachev ’25, Nicole Liao ’24, Dominick Lusardi ’25, Brigette Starrs ’25, Ellie Walker ’23, Shihan Wu ’24

The Henry Cowan Prize: Chloe Lau ’23 & Xiaoyu Wang ’23

Sophomore English Prize: Peyton Franz ’24 & Cooper Winegar '24 

Freshman English Prize: William Antunes ’25 & Avery Cheng ’25

Two Dimensional Art: Anh Vo ’25

Three Dimensional Art: Maya Ciminello ’23 & Benjamin Kotch ’23

Art Prize - Photography: Mia Leddy ’23

Art Prize - Video: Dirk Peereboom ’25

Art Prize - Graphic Design: Haruki Ono ’23

Freshman History Prize: Zhengze Li ’25

Sophomore History Prize: Simisola Onakomaiya ’24 & Owen Shin ’24

Junior History Prize: Xiaoyu Wang ’23 & Ellie Walker ’23

The Charles H. Breed Latin Prize: Fengyi Han ’23

Pythagoras Prize for Geometry: Jackson Armbruster ’25 & Andrew Hong ’25

Gauss Prize for Algebra: Gio Choi ’25

Euler Prize for Analysis: Shihan Wu ’24

Vocal Music Prize: Justin Baggett ’23

Instrumental Music Prize: Chloe Lau ’23 & William Nasser ’23

Underclass Theatre Prize: Grant Breckenridge ’24 & Julian Perello '24

Religion & Philosophy Prize: Xiaoyu Zhang ’23

Freshman Biology Prize: Daniel Accomando ’25 & Paige Celley ‘25

Sophomore Science Chemistry Prize: Cooper Winegar ’24

Junior Physics Prize: Ethan Anthony ’23



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