Underclass Prize Assembly
Underclass Prize Assembly
Underclass Prize Assembly
Underclass Prize Assembly
Underclass Prize Assembly
Underclass Prize Assembly
Blair Honors Underclassmen at Year-End Assembly
Brittany Rockenfeller

Blair’s freshman, sophomore and junior classes came together on May 28 to celebrate students’ accomplishments at the Underclass Prize Assembly, at which faculty members presented a number of subject and major department prizes.

Dean of Academics Nathan Molteni welcomed the audience to the last assembly of the 2018-2019 school year, commending students for their hard work and dedication to excellence in the final days of the spring semester.

“You each deserve a slice of the credit for how rich the intellectual life of the School has been during this school year. We thank you for your willingness to invest yourselves in different opportunities and ideas aside from your norm,” he said. “Each of you makes the experience of learning here better for yourselves, your classmates and for your teachers.”

Following his remarks, the chairs of seven of Blair’s academic departments recognized awardees for outstanding work in those disciplines. Veteran English teacher Kaye Evans then inducted juniors into Blair’s cum laude chapter. Following that presentation, Associate Dean of Students Andee Ryerson and Dean of Students Carm Mazza joined Head of School Chris Fortunato in recognizing underclassmen with a few more special prizes, after which Mr. Fortunato addressed the community for a final time before the 2018-2019 school year closed.

“Every day, with every decision and connection, each of you makes the School what it is. Each of you helps to write Blair’s story and impacts the experience of everyone around you,” he remarked. “I want you to enter the summer thinking about not only the things you might stand for, but what you are going to do every single day to build on what you have learned here this year at Blair.”

Mr. Fortunato asked the audience to remember that Blair is both a promise and an opportunity, but not a guarantee. “We must make sure we honor that for future generations,” he concluded. “We must continue to strive to fulfill the promise of this place.”

Blair chaplain the Rev. Lisa Durkee concluded the ceremony by introducing the class of 2019 video retrospective, which underclassmen had the opportunity to view for the first time following commencement-week festivities. Blair students and faculty will now prepare to say “goodbye for now” as the year officially ends on May 29 and summer vacation begins.

To watch the Underclass Prize Assembly, click below:

Congratulations to these awardees:

Freshman English Prize: Peyton Schreiber ’22 and Alexandra Schamberger ’22

Sophomore English Prize: George Sigety ’21 and Ashley Dai ’21

Three-Dimensional Art Prize - Elizabeth Negvesky ’20

Two-Dimensional Art Prize - Dianya Tan ’21

Video Prize - Thomas Walker ’21

Photography Prize - Lydia Richardson ’20

Global Issues Prize - Benjamin Liu ’22 and Yuchuan Gan ’22

Western Civilization Prize – Linda (Lily) Starrs ’21 and Theodore (Teddy) Zinn ’21

U.S. History Prize - Hallie Guyton ’20 and Joop Olthof ’20

Euler Prize for Analysis: Hao Cui ’22

Pythagoras Prize for Geometry: Benjamin Liu ’22 and Alexandra Schamberger ’22

Gauss Prize For Algebra: Linda Starrs ’21

The Stephen Curry Prize: Helena Frawley ’20

Performing Arts Prize for Theatre: Montana Carson ’20 and Ryan Gomez ’20

Performing Arts Prize for Vocal Music: Hannah Starorypinski ’20

Performing Arts Prize for Instrumental Music: Ashton Martini ’20 and Timothy Launders ’20

Philosophy Prize for World Religions: Robert Rucki ’20

Freshman Science Prize for Biology Honors: Alexandra Schamberger ’22

Sophomore Science Prize for Honors Chemistry: Lucy Clayton ’21 and Jonathan Wong ’21

Junior Science Prize for Physics: Thomas Engel ’20 and Timothy Launders ’20

The Joan and Fernando Marcial Prize: Tabitha Amanze ’22

The David Avery-Jones Freshman Prize: Samantha Antonelli ’22 and Benjamin Liu ’22

The Henry B. Cowan Prize: Alexandra Kirby ’20 and Cameron Bentley ’20

The John Kinch Leach Merit Award: Dominique Darius ’21 and Siddharth Mehta ’21

The Phillips-James Rosen Trophy: Kathleen Devlin ’20 and Aidan Riano ’20

The Edyth Jeffrey Shakespeare Essay Prize: Simar Anand '21, Alexandra Bakulina '21, Alyssa Frick '21, Hayoung Irene Jung '21, Olivia Mohlmann '21, Devin Oster '21, Linda Starrs '21, William Thomas '22, Corrine Wilm '21, Elleen Xue '21, Yuchuan George Gan '22, Minyuan Max Gao '22, Benjamin Liu '22, Alexandra Schamberger '22, Peyton Schreiber '22 and Aitalia Sharpe '22

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal: Shaoyang Ni ’20

George Washington University Medal: Chloe Park ’20

University Of Rochester Prizes:

     Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Emia Musabegovic ’20

     Eastman Young Leaders Award: Rob Rucki ’20

     Douglass & Anthony Award in Humanities: Grace Wilkey ’20  

     Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology:  Carmen Liuzza ’20

Kenyon College Presidential Book Award: Kendra Payne ’20

Eisenhower Award: Preston Krivulka ’20

Princeton Book Prize: Ariel Cobb ’20


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