Peter Curran at the Hong Kong Blair reception
Chris Fortunato dines with family in Seoul
Peter Curran with prospective family in Shanghai
Peter Curran with prospective family in Shanghai
Blair Travel Wraps Up
Brittany Rockenfeller
Peter Curran with prospective family in Shanghai

Blair Academy has been on the road this fall, both nationally and internationally! The trips, taken by Blair’s admission office and Head of School Chris Fortunato, allowed many opportunities for face-to-face conversation, reconnection with alumni, and introductory visits with prospective students and families.

Associate Head of School and Dean of Admission Peter G. Curran visited Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, China and England. He was joined by Mr. Fortunato in Hong Kong, where they welcomed 150 people to a Blair reception. Mr. Curran attended school fairs in Singapore and Thailand alongside 10 private United States-based schools and hosted a Blair-only reception for more than 125 people in Shanghai. In London, he attended a joint reception with the Mid-Atlantic Boarding School (MABS) group.

“Having the opportunity to personally connect with current families in Asia and see firsthand their love for Blair affirms just how much our School is impacting and shaping their children,” said Mr. Fortunato. “Parents and alumni continue to be Blair’s best ambassadors across the country and the world, and, while in Asia, I was gratified to meet with prospective families who came out in record numbers at our admission receptions and shared their enthusiasm about all that Blair has to offer.”

“The support and role our Blair families and alumni play in helping us find great students is tremendous, and they go above and beyond in promoting  the value and impact of a Blair education,” noted Mr. Curran. “By the end of the season, we will have held over 20 receptions, which we could not have done without this amazing support.”

Associate Dean of Admission Teddy Wenner ’96 visited Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, China and South Korea. Mr. Wenner started his trip solo in Saudi Arabia, staying with Blair community members and meeting prospective families. After a stop in Vietnam, he was joined by Mr. Fortunato in Beijing and Seoul.

“Our current families are extremely happy with their students’ Blair experience, and they are proud to tell their friends,” Mr. Wenner said. “All in all, it was a fantastic trip, and I was so happy to be out on the international trail, speaking about our wonderful School and community!”

Blair admission counselors also traveled extensively domestically, interviewing prospective students, attending school fairs and holding numerous events throughout the United States. Their stops included Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Illinois.

As the admission travel season draws to a close, the team is looking forward to a few additional opportunities to meet prospective students and parents and reconnect with alumni during visits to Mexico, Bermuda and the Bahamas in December. To learn more about Blair’s travel dates, visit the admission travel web page.



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