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Blair Unveils a New Advanced Curriculum for the 2024-2025 School Year
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After a redesign of its advanced curriculum offerings to more closely align with the School’s vision for its graduates, Blair Academy has released the 2024-2025 Advanced Course Catalog. Advanced coursework at Blair best positions students to develop rich relationships with both their learning community and the ideas with which they engage. With the goals of giving students a greater sampling of college-level work and ownership of coursework with room to explore with their teachers, starting in fall 2024, Blair will offer advanced survey and advanced seminar courses in all disciplines, focused on fostering deep understanding and meaning making.

 “We are excited to release the advanced course catalog for Blair’s 2024-25 school year,” Assistant Head of School for Academics Nathan Molteni shared. “The Advanced Curriculum initiative has significantly expanded the options available to students and each course will challenge students to make deeper meaning of their classroom learning.” 

The School’s advanced curriculum embodies the best of the academic experience at Blair: In partnership with the academic office, faculty members design and develop courses based on their passions and areas of expertise. As with every aspect of the Blair experience, relationship-based learning and feedback are paramount. Whether students pursue advanced survey courses equivalent to a first-year college class or advanced seminar courses that hone in on particular topic areas or disciplines, both are designed to give Blair students the time, space and opportunity for deep investigation of ideas, questions or themes.

“Students will encounter both broad surveys and deep dive seminars in the program, designed by faculty members experienced with  what works best for Blair students,” Mr. Molteni explained. “We can’t wait to get started on this new chapter of Blair’s academic program in the fall.”
The faculty members who create and teach these classes go through a rigorous proposal, regular evaluation and annual audit process led by the School’s academic team, in which they outline how the design of their curriculum aligns with Blair’s overall vision for advanced coursework. Assessed for conceptual complexity, cultural responsiveness, student-centered learning experiences and meaningful reflection, Blair’s advanced courses measure student learning outcomes through assessments designed to capture mastery of major concepts and skills, as well as the ability of students to apply these to real-world problems and issues. Every advanced Blair course aligns with the department’s vision and “portrait of a graduate.”

“There has been so much internal anticipation around the launch of the program; we are thrilled that students and families are finally able to see the forty plus advanced course options offered at Blair,” Director of Advanced Curriculum Shelly Mantegna said. “It feels really exciting to be part of this growth!”

To help everyone better understand and navigate the new courses Blair has to offer, the School has created a website that allows you to visualize your academic journey through the School’s curriculum. For further details about how to use this page as a resource, please take a few moments to watch the video below. The academic office will also host a Zoom meeting on February 13 at 8 p.m. for families to ask questions and better understand Blair’s Advanced Curriculum.

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