Blair’s Aidan Ward '22 Named NJ Governor’s School Scholar
Adele Starrs

This past summer, Blair’s Aidan Ward ’22 was chosen as a New Jersey Governor’s School Scholar. Established in 1983, the prestigious Governor’s School is an intensive summer program for rising seniors with an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Bringing together some of the state’s most motivated and high-achieving high school students, the Governor’s School offers an enriched educational opportunity that connects students with like-minded peers and prepares them to enter high-demand fields. 

Over the course of four weeks, Aidan took four classes taught by Rutgers University faculty—in robotics, physics, material science and game design—and collaborated with teammates on a final research project. “Our team saw that there are lots of crowd-sourcing education sites for high school students, like Khan Academy,” Aidan said, “but nothing for higher levels of education.” Seeking to fill that void, Aidan’s team modeled for their final project a crowd-sourcing educational platform for tertiary education, complete with user-friendly website. Presented to invited guests at a research symposium and submitted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Aidan’s team project was well received. 

While Aidan enjoyed the rigorous academic and immersive Governor’s School experience, what he loved most was making friendships with students as passionate about science, and game design in particular, as he is. “What I got the most from is meeting people who are interested in the same things as me. Even a year after the program, we still have discourse and it’s pretty lively. I hope I am going to work with them again.”

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