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Blair’s Casey Gottlieb ’25 Makes a Splash in the Public Relations World
Ashley Schreyer
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Casey Gottlieb ’25 strives to have a positive impact on the people she connects with and the spaces she occupies. “Even if it’s just in the life of one person, I want the world to be a better place because I was in it,” she said on the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business podcast, “Future of the Business World.”

Casey was featured on the monthly podcast in May after launching her own public relations (PR) firm, Lumaire Agency. Her interview—Wharton’s first feature on a PR guru—was a prelude to the Essentials of Entrepreneurship program at the University of Pennsylvania through the Wharton School’s Global Youth Program Casey attended this summer. On the podcast, she chatted about all things public relations, her business and how her debate experience helped shape the entrepreneurial spirit within her. Listen to the full podcast here.

Since founding her company, Casey has helped a handful of clients—while remaining a full-time student—with content creation, media placement, social media management and so much more. “Public relations is the bridge between a business and the public,” she explained on the podcast. “All communication, whether visual, in writing or just the message you take away from a company, is public relations. PR is about helping a business shine in the public eye and resonate with its audience.”

During the entrepreneur program, Casey improved on experience she already had to craft an even better footing for Lumaire and her future endeavors. Through lectures on business building, effective communication and the business world, she immediately implemented her newfound knowledge into Lumaire’s business plan, revamping her website and incorporating experimentation with AI platforms to make her work more efficient. 

“The program took my understanding of business and transformed it into a panoramic view of the intricacies behind business decision making,” Casey said, adding that her experience helped secure a few more clients for Lumaire. “One of my biggest takeaways from the program was that successful business is not about using the current approaches to solving gaps in the marketplace,” she explained. “It is about taking calculated risks to implement new practices to solve existing gaps.”

In the upcoming school year, Casey hopes to continue Lumaire’s growth and success. Communication is one of her biggest tools and she enjoys harnessing the power of connection she experiences on Blair’s hilltop to further her entrepreneurial pursuits. 

“Through the advancement office, I have had the opportunity to meet impressive women in business, and I am going to combine the lessons I learned at Wharton with the lessons from Blair alumni to take my junior year and my business to their maximum potential,” Casey concluded. “I am looking forward to more Blair events where we learn from and connect with alumni.” 

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