Blair’s Director of Health Services Appointed to NJSNA Executive Board
Joanne Miceli
Tara Parker

Director of Health Services Tara Parker, APN, NP-C, has been involved in many aspects of nursing during her 20-plus years in healthcare, ranging from emergency room clinician in New Jersey hospitals to medical information consultant in the pharmaceutical industry. This summer, she became more deeply involved in advocacy for the nursing profession and the advancement of quality healthcare in the Garden State when she was appointed to the executive board of the New Jersey State Nurses Association (NJSNA).

Mrs. Parker is one of six executive board members of the NJSNA, a statewide organization whose mission is to promote the profession of nursing, advance the practice of nursing and advocate for nurses. In her leadership role as Warren County coordinator, Mrs. Parker provides support, encouragement and education for her fellow nurses, as well as professional representation on policies that impact nurses and their practice in New Jersey. In addition, she chairs NJSNA’s annual dinner meeting and encourages Warren County NJSNA members to attend regional meetings and activities.

Describing her new role as a source of inspiration and learning, Mrs. Parker said she is looking forward to greater opportunities to mentor new nurses, as well as network with nurses who are clinical leaders in the profession. “I’ll have a voice in setting standards and directing policy regarding nursing practice in New Jersey,” she added, a responsibility that she regards as especially important. “As more nurses become involved in policy and advocacy, we provide a collective stance on issues that impact our profession and, ultimately, our patients.”

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