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Past Bogle Brothers Scholars Program recipients take a photo with Bud Bogle '45.
Singleton Cox '90 & Bud Bogle '45
Kristen (Bogart) Salmon ’01 & Bud Bogle '45
Emmanuel Bello '04 & Bud Bogle '45
Yonny Reichel ’12 & Bud Bogle '45
Bogle Brothers Scholarship Luncheon Connects
Adele Starrs

Established in 1968, the Bogle Brothers Scholars Program has, for over 50 years, provided the gift of a Blair education to more than 150 students. Blair Board of Trustees Chairman Emeritus Jack Bogle ’47 delighted in meeting his scholars at an annual luncheon and kept in touch with many of them long after graduation. Since Jack’s passing in 2019, his brother Bud Bogle ’45 has continued that tradition.  

On May 25, Bud hosted the Bogle Brothers Scholars luncheon at Sharpe House, welcoming former scholars Singleton Cox ’90, Kristen (Bogart) Salmon ’01, Emmanuel Bello ’04 and Yonny Reichel ’12, along with incoming Board of Trustees Chair Maria Savettiere P’17 and 11 current scholarship recipients. Using the opportunity to create deeper connections between students and alumni, attendees shared their Blair memories, as well as their plans for the future over finger sandwiches and sun tea. 
 “This is always a terrific opportunity to network and allow these students and alumni the chance to connect and learn more about one another. We are thrilled to keep this tradition alive and honor Jack Bogle’s life and legacy,” said Chief Advancement Officer Craig Hall. 

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