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2024 Bogle Brothers Luncheon
Bud Bogle ’45 Hosts Bogle Brothers Luncheon
Ashley Taube

Former Board of Trustee Chair John C. “Jack” Bogle ’47 loved engaging with the recipients of The Bogle Brothers Scholarship at Blair Academy. He and his wife, Eve, pored over hundreds of letters from students at Blair sharing their academic pursuits and daily life on the hilltop. Their dreams and aspirations resonated with him, and he committed himself wholeheartedly to both their success and the School’s.

Jack Bogle established this scholarship in 1968 in honor of his brothers, the late David C. Bogle ’47 and William Y. “Bud” Bogle III ’45. His mission was to give students the same opportunity afforded to the three brothers to attend Blair. The scholarship has been given to students “of special promise to obtain necessary funding for their Blair education,” after demonstrating financial need, academic ability, character and determination.

Jack Bogle enjoyed returning to his alma mater regularly, but no visit more so than the Bogle Brothers Luncheon, when he dined with current students and former scholars to get a pulse on their lives on the hilltop and beyond at the end of each school year. After Jack’s passing in 2019, his brother Bud took the helm, continuing the tradition of connection and celebration with those impacted by his brother’s generosity.

On May 13, Bud ventured to the hilltop once more—a year shy of his 80th Reunion—to honor his brother’s legacy. A terrific opportunity to network, the luncheon brought students and alumni together to learn more about one another and share their Blair stories. Bud hosted Chloe (Brooke) Holderness ’94, Kristen Bogart Salmon ’01, Emmanuel Bello ’04, Sam Tilney ’08 and Corey Downey ’20 alongside current scholarship recipients at Sharpe House for an afternoon of memories and delectable bites. Jack would have loved the occasion.

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