College Counseling to Hold Junior Parents' Day
Brittany Rockenfeller

Saturday, January 19, will mark Blair's annual Junior Parents' Day, during which parents will be introduced to the college admission process and learn more about Blair's college counseling philosophy.

Parents of the class of 2020 will be welcomed by Head of School Chris Fortunato, who will provide the welcoming remarks, and Lew Stival, Blair's dean of college counseling, who has advised hundreds of students through the college admission process over the last three decades.

Following that, Guest speaker Gil Villanueva, who has served as associate vice president and dean of admission at University of Richmond since 2009, will discuss issues relating to selective college admission and answer questions from the audience about the admission process.

Next, a student panel of current Blair seniors will take the stage to discuss their own experiences during the college admission process. To finish off the morning, parents will then attend breakout sessions with their child's college counselor to discuss the details and logistics of applying to college.

"We want to give parents the chance to meet us and recognize that we’re here to help in every step of the process," Mr Stival, who added that the college admission process is constantly evolving every year. "When everyone works in harmony and is reading off the same page, the process moves towards a successful end for everyone involved. Junior Parents’ Day is our opportunity to light the way for our families and to teach them what to expect.”   

For a full schedule of the day, click here.

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