David Sommers artwork
David Sommers artwork
David Sommers
David Sommers Brings ‘New Perspectives’ to Blair’s Romano Gallery
Adele Starrs

BLAIRSTOWN—The paintings of multidisciplinary fine artist David Sommers are on display in the Romano Gallery from January 9 to February 2 in an exhibit entitled “New Perspectives.” Synthesizing past traditions from a modern, multidimensional viewpoint, Mr. Sommers’ work embraces a Cubist-Realist style in which geometric shapes fracture color, space and shape. 

“Painting begins with my daily search for the subtle beauty the world offers,” Mr. Sommers explains. “When I look at a cityscape, I thrill at viewing everything through a geometric lens. When I look across a river at the green hillsides, I see gentle arcs that connect one set of trees to the next.” He employs a range of techniques, from plein air painting to careful design based upon the Golden Section, to influence his compositions. 

Mr. Sommers holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and Spanish from Moravian College, and master’s degrees in religious education and divinity from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education and Moravian Theological Seminary, respectively. A resident of Center Valley, Pennsylvania, he has taught comparative world religions and continues to teach Spanish and art history at Moravian Academy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and has served as a resident artist at Bethlehem’s Banana Factory for the past decade. Mr. Sommers’ work has been displayed in regional juried art shows and gallery exhibitions and is now on permanent exhibit at Penn State’s Lancaster and Health Hampden Medical Centers. 

An artist’s reception will be held at the Romano Gallery on January 26, beginning at 7 p.m., and members of the public are welcome to attend. 

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