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Blair Embraces Grandparents' Day
Blair Academy

As Blair opened its doors yesterday to families from near and for the School’s annual Grandparents’ Day event, students seized the chance to make memories with their grandparents, offering them a peek into their daily lives. From attending classes and sharing lunchtime conversations to enjoying concert performances and cheering on athletes, Grandparents' Day provided a joyful opportunity for everyone to reconnect.

"Grandparents’ Day is a very special day and one of our favorite events on campus," shared Advancement Associate Diane Kowalick. "Grandparents have an opportunity to experience the hospitality of the Blair community and meet their grandchild's teachers, friends and mentors. It is heartwarming to see the cheerfulness of the students and grandparents throughout this beautiful day."

Below, please enjoy a collage with just a few of the highlights of the day.




Grandparents Day
Grandparents Day

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