Highlight of the Year: 60+ Attend NYC Young Alumni Networking Reception 
Suzy Logan

Young alumni from the classes of 2004 to 2019 were excited to reconnect this week at the annual networking reception long hosted by Connie and Jim Krugman ’65 at the Georgian Suite on New York City’s upper East side. 

Calling the September 25 event for New York area alumni/ae who graduated in the last 15 years “the highlight of my fall,” Emily Collins ’11 summed up what makes the gathering so special. “It is an invaluable opportunity to connect with classmates and former teachers, as well as meet new faculty and other alums you might not have known in school,” said Emily, a Hoboken, New Jersey, resident who is a digital content manager for the public relations firm Hiltzik Strategies in New York City. “To be able to reflect on our experiences as students while also learning about what’s new at Blair today is an incredibly unique combination.” 

What you don’t know when you start at Blair is that the school’s traditions don’t stop when you walk through the Arch for the last time, she added. “An event like the Krugmans’ reception is one of those traditions that lives on well beyond graduation and reminds us why we love Blair. Despite the fact that we are in the company of fellow alums of all different ages, professions and interests, we are all connected to each other through Blair.” 

More than 60 alumni, teachers and administrators attended the reception, which has traditionally been held during the winter months, but this year served as an excellent way to kick off the 2019-2020 school year. 

Veteran Blair science teacher and former East Hall housemaster Rod Gerdsen agreed wholeheartedly with Emily, calling the reception a high point of his year and a rite of passage for Blair grads. “Reconnecting with alumni/ae from five, 10 or 15 years ago and learning more about the paths they have taken since Blair or how they were inspired by their time at Blair is really exciting,” Mr. Gerdsen said.

Director of Alumni Relations Shaunna Murphy expressed her gratitude to the Krugmans for all of the ways in which they continue to connect and engage with Blair’s young alumni. “Through events like this, Connie and Jim really do ensure that our graduates keep Blair in their hearts, stay abreast of what is happening on campus and understand the importance of doing what we can to support our alma mater,” she said.

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