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joe guerriero cuba
Joe Guerriero Romano Gallery
Joe Guerriero Transports Blair’s Romano Gallery to Cuba
Ashley Taube

In an exhibit titled “Still Waiting for Normal: Cuba and the United States,” professional photographer Joe Guerriero creates a portrait of life in Cuba under the U.S embargo and how it affects the citizens. The exhibit will be on display from September 19 to October 13 in Blair’s Romano Gallery.

“There is an attraction that people feel about Cuba after visiting even once,” Mr. Guerriero explained. “It’s mostly about the people, their warmth and friendliness, their art, music and culture. I hope my work will open people’s eyes to the struggles and strength of those who have endured more than half a century of obstacles and oppression.”

Mr. Guerriero first traveled to Cuba in 1999 with the Maine Photo Workshops, the first outside group permitted to hold workshops in the country. After that trip, he was hooked, and acquired a photojournalist license from the U.S. Department of the Treasury to continue telling the stories of the Cuban people. In more than 20 subsequent trips since then, he also began making documentary films. He completed an award-winning feature documentary in 2010, Curtain of Water, about the U.S. embargo of Cuba, which aired on PBS television and was screened at many colleges, universities and organizations. Curtain of Water was even selected for inclusion in the 2014 International Festival of New Latin American Cinema (The Havana Film Festival).

A professional photographer for more than four decades, Mr. Guerriero operates a commercial studio out of his home in Northern New Jersey, teaches photography courses at Sussex County Community College, and leads photography groups to Cuba, Bhutan and Tuscany. In addition to his work in Cuba, Mr. Guerriero has completed international photo projects about Pakistan, Turkey and China. His work has appeared in publications including Sports Illustrated, Family Circle and Photo District News. 

An artist’s reception will be held at the Romano Gallery on October 5, beginning at 7 p.m., and members of the public are welcome to attend. 

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