Photographer & Multimedia Artist Opens Romano Gallery Season
Joanne Miceli

Thomas E. Franklin, an award-winning photographer, multimedia journalist, documentary filmmaker and educator, is perhaps best known for his iconic flag-raising photo taken at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. He open The Romano Gallery’s 2019-2020 season on August 30 with an exhibit featuring multiplatform work focused on issues of immigration and human migration. The exhibit runs through September 28, and Mr. Franklin joined the Blair community for an artist’s reception on September 19.

A 30-year veteran of the news business and current assistant professor of multiplatform journalism at Montclair State University, Mr. Franklin is a practitioner of multimedia and visual storytelling. He explores themes involving global issues with local and regional impact through his scholarly and professional work. His Romano Gallery exhibit examines immigration, refugees and new changes in government policy toward undocumented residents and asylum seekers.

“While publishing across multiple platforms, including photography and video, combined with strategic social media engagement as a means of making meaningful use of technology and reaching a broader audience, my work aims to shed light on important issues that go underreported,” Mr. Franklin said. “It also examines how these issues affect people on a local level, both here in New Jersey and in other local communities.”

A Pulitzer Prize finalist, Mr. Franklin has produced highly acclaimed multimedia projects on the recent heroin epidemic in North Jersey, 9/11, the Syrian refugee crisis in Greece and toxic dumping by the Ford Motor Company on a Native American community in Ringwood, New Jersey. He joined the faculty at Montclair State in 2015.

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