Student Donates Proceeds of Clothing Line to Local Hospital
William Long

Many people have been getting creative and using their talents to keep themselves occupied during the recent quarantine due to coronavirus. Others have been using their time to help fight the coronavirus by doing charitable acts. Blair Academy’s Patrick Plum '21 did both while stuck at his home in South Carolina. He raised money for the Southampton Hospital Foundation during quarantine selling socially distant sweatshirts that he designed himself.

While Patrick was sick and stuck at home, he thought of the current situation that he, and the rest of the country was in and decided he could help, “I had caught a bug at my home down in South Carolina and couldn’t move for three days, I just locked into designing a logo in my room and my final product pretty neat” Patrick said. The design, two socially distant figures on the front accompanied by the text ‘quarantine responsibly’ on the back, was a hit and quickly netted Patrick almost $3,000 in proceeds. Patrick saw the opportunity to do something good for his community and donated the money to help those who are sick and the healthcare workers that work in the hospital. 

Local newspaper, The Southhampton Press, caught wind of the great work that Patrick had done and wrote a story commending his efforts. Writer Alec Giufurta explained how Patrick clearly made a difference in his community, “On May 14, Patrick, with $2,750 in hand, donated the sum to the [Southhampton Hospital] foundation’s Healthcare Heroes’ Fund, the foundation’s president, Steven M. Bernstein, noted. “Stony Brook Southampton Hospital is deeply grateful to Patrick Plum for conducting a thoughtful and enterprising fundraiser on our behalf.”

When Patrick returns to campus, he hopes to continue designing clothes and start a club, “All of last year I wanted to start a clothing design club for kids who want to get into that area of fashion or whatever it may be. Hopefully, this coming year I’ll finally start the club!” Patrick has had a passion for fashion ever since he was young, “Since I was 7, I’ve wanted to do something involved with fashion or something creative,” Patrick stated. He also noted that we could be seeing more of his work in the near future. “Currently, I’m working with a few big brands to help design some clothes and various pieces so hopefully we’ll see some of those out soon!”

Patrick’s social distance sweatshirt can be purchased on his website blindinemotion.

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