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Super Sunday Snapshots
Blair Academy
Despite some unfortunate weather during the first Community Weekend at Blair, Super Sunday’s schedule of Kon-Tiki boat races, egg toss competition, dunk tank and last but certainly not least, The Soap Slide, delighted the hilltop and created memories to last well-beyond the first few weeks of school. In this visual essay, Director of School Photography Tyson Trish captured the pure and purposeful joy the Blair community shared while fostering teamwork and unity during some beloved traditions.
girls soap slide 23
boys build kon-tiki boat
boys race in kon-tiki
kon-tiki crowd
dunk tank 23
girls kon-tiki race
egg toss 23
curran dunk tank
boys soap slide 23

For more photos of happenings across campus and beyond, please check out Blair Academy on Photoshelter, where we regularly post images.

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