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Trio of Emerging Artists to Showcase Talent in Blair’s Romano Gallery
Ashley Taube

If you ask an artist, inspiration for their work can come from seemingly anything: a snowy day, a passing stranger or a drop of dew. An artist’s job lies in taking inspiration and letting it run as wild as their imagination. For the up-and-coming artists set to be featured in Blair’s Romano Gallery, childhood memories serve as a common thread among their work, drawing from moments, symbols and experiences that shaped the people they are today. In this unique gallery exhibition, they will showcase their skills and talents as they embrace the beginning of their careers to inspire Blair’s budding artists. Each artist’s work will be featured in the “Emerging Artists Trio” exhibit in Armstrong-Hipkins Center for the Arts from February 13 to March 9.

Liam Fitting

Liam Fitting uses a variety of media while employing historical research and psychological concepts as he explores surrealistic narratives deeply rooted in his Pennsylvania upbringing. A 2023 graduate of Moravian University, Mr. Fitting studied both studio art and psychology and is currently involved in museum work in the Lehigh Valley. His art, which can be found in The Permanent Collection at Moravian University as well as the Coopersburg Library Exhibition, is driven by a desire to convey emotional intensity and thought-provoking themes.

“I seek to create a mental impact on viewers by incorporating subtle narratives and emotional tones into my work,” Mr. Fitting explains. “I aspire to create a lasting emotional impression, challenge preconceptions and offer a gateway to a world where history, psychology and surrealism collide.” 

Liana Kardaras

Liana Kardaras captures brilliant shots, expertly printed on fabric and photo paper alike, that symbolize creative photography and celebrate dreamlike nostalgia and glorious use of color. After earning her BFA at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in 2023, Ms. Kardaras has focused her career in portrait and fashion photography. Progressively throughout her artistic practice, Liana continues to further discover her sentimental relation to both narrative and editorial-based work. Grounded in her experiences in adolescence and early adulthood, she constantly returns to nature, a key element that has remained with her throughout life.

“My work is a sentimental reflection of the complexities that occur when growing up, which is why I have accepted that creating imperfect photographs contribute to my life experience and the imperfect process that comes along with it,” Ms. Kardaras shares. As she delves into the nuance behind each artistic choice, she finds “the more emotional value I hold toward my work.”

Ava Luzzi

“​​I am fascinated with the idea that, for many of us, our first experiences with fine art were in a religious context,” multimedia artist Ava Luzzi says. In the upcoming exhibition, she showcases her painting techniques and vibrant color palette as she explores the beauty and distinctive nature of religious rituals and worship. ​​Inspired by her immersive and spiritual experiences in nature, Ms. Luzzi employs an array of media to depict her profound connection with the natural world. A graduate of Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University, Ms. Luzzi has used her BFA in studio arts to find joy and purpose teaching art at several schools in New Jersey. 

All are welcome to attend an Artists Talk featuring the trio of emerging artists on Thursday, February 29, 2024, at 7 p.m. in the Romano Gallery.

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