Sharon Merrifield and Graham Merrifield '14 pose for a photo in Blair's Merrifield Meditation Garden.
Blair's Merrifield Meditation Garden
A group poses for a photo in Blair's Merrifield Meditation Garden at its dedication.
Blair's Merrifield Meditation Garden
Welcome to the Merrifield Meditation Garden

Welcome to the newest corner of Blair, the meditation garden, named in honor of longtime member of the Blair community, Sharon Maguire-Merrifield. Ms. Merrifield, the proud mother of Rebecca ’10 and Graham ’14, came to Blair in 1986 and worked in a number of roles, including as a member of the admission and advancement teams, a language and LEADS teacher and basketball coach. Over the past 35 years, Ms. Merrifield formed many deep connections at Blair, none more so than with Trustee Robin J. Scheman P '10 ’14, who met Ms. Merrifield when their daughters were in ninth grade. Ms. Scheman describes her friend as someone dedicated to growth and giving to others, saying, “Sharon has given herself as an advisor, teacher, coach and parent to so many at Blair. So many people who have come through Blair have been touched by her in one way or another.” 

Thanks to the generosity of Ms. Scheman, a portion of the Siegel Property has been transformed into a meditation garden in honor of Ms. Merrifield’s dedication to the practice of mindfulness and meditation. “Sharon is an amazing gardener and always leaves her patch of earth nicer than before she touched it,” Ms. Scheman says. She hopes that those who use this quiet corner of Blair will take that lesson to heart and learn from Ms. Merrifield’s example. “I hope they will learn from her. Use this space and appreciate nature. Take a breath.” The meditation garden is nestled into a clearing beside the woods and includes a platform, bench and flowers. It overlooks the calm water of Lake Genevieve and is open to students, staff and all members of the Blair community. 

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