Welcoming Fresh Faces to Blair: 2021 Preseason is Here!

With the first hints of fall and the excitement of preseason hanging in the air, Blair welcomed a sea of shining faces this week as students and athletes returned to campus.

Relaxed from their summer and energized for the year ahead, Blair’s football players reunited first, enjoying a picnic at Sharpe House before diving into warm-ups and conditioning on Hampshire Field on August 23. A few days later, leaders with the Senior Class Council (SCC) gathered for the annual retreat during which they craft their mission statement and plan the year ahead. On August 29, prefects and members of the student organizations Be Well @ Blair and the Blue & White Key Society joined SCC leaders to begin a two-day orientation under the direction of Dean of Campus Life Carolyn Conforti-Browse ’79. Their training focused on certifying students as peer educators and building the listening, conflict resolution and referral skills that are essential for Blair’s student residential advisors.

Faculty advisor to the Senior Class Council Andee Ryerson described this time prior to the official start of the school year as critically important for Blair’s athletes and student leaders. “These groups develop teaming skills, learn about their group dynamic, and get a jump start on planning events for the rest of the year,” she noted. The training provided to senior leaders is especially vital. “By bonding as a group at the start of the year, they form deep connections with each other so that they have an added support system throughout the year. Senior leaders acquire the skills that will assist them as they become mentors to younger students, including listening skills, DEI training, and a deeper understanding of the School's many resources so they can best support the younger students.”

As registration continues, Blair will get even livelier as nearly half our campus community reunites when preseason athletes return on August 31st. They will be followed by international students on September 3rd and all students on September 5th. 

With orientation activities beginning that afternoon and classes on September 7th, we can’t wait to welcome all our students and start the 2021-2022 academic year!


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