Go Bucs! Alumni Share Best Peddie Day Memories
Joanne Miceli

School spirit and Blair pride are important on Peddie Day, and both will be on full display tomorrow when the Bucs travel to Hightstown for the annual athletic competitions versus rival Peddie School. When asked about their most memorable Peddie Day during their time at Blair, two young alums shared spirited stories. Enjoy the memories and Go Bucs!

Colin Daddino '07

For our senior year Peddie Day (2006), Headmaster Chan Hardwick did not approve our plan to shoot off "buccaneer" cannons upon Blair touchdowns, so my friends and I settled for "plan B" which, of course, was to build a buccaneer ship. Our largest hurdles were our lack of tools and supplies and no idea of how to build a buccaneer ship. Undeterred, we devised a plan to use inverted sawhorses as the ship's skeleton, build the hull out of "reclaimed" wood (found at a dump), and raise my bedsheet, upon which someone would draw a buccaneer, as the sail.

I don't remember exactly where we got the tools, but I think the local hardware store and the maintenance crew made some donations. The end result was a ship worthy of a true Buccaneer—if that Buccaneer had no need for a ship that would float or instill fear in the enemy. The final product was the proverbial nail in the coffin for any dreams we might have entertained of careers in the boat-building industry, our main offense being that we somehow managed to put the bow on upside down. Nevertheless, we had a blast building it, and it definitely added to the Peddie Day spirit, even though Blair didn't win the Kelley-Potter Cup that year.

Haven Donovan '13

There is something to be said about a time-honored tradition like Peddie Day. It's a day to display spectacular athletic ability, teamwork, school pride and sportsmanship. Throughout my years at Blair, there were so many Peddie Day memories, but perhaps the one that stands out the most is Peddie Day 2012.

Peddie Day was a little different that year: Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in late October, forcing the School to reschedule the event. But, in typical Blair fashion, we utilized that time to help raise money for the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund and to continue practicing for a couple of extra days before beating Peddie.

The day finally arrived, and as the competitions drew to a close, the entire School anxiously awaited the final seconds of the football game. There was an indescribable feeling in the air. A feeling that was a mixture of pride, joy, relief and excitement—and, in that moment everything seemed to stand still. When the clock ran out, everyone stormed the field, and Mr. Hardwick held up the glistening Kelley-Potter Cup. We knew we made Blair proud.

Winning Peddie Day my senior year was special not only because of our athletic victory, but also because we came together as a School to support our state in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Even in times of struggle and adversity, we rise above, and that is why Peddie Day 2012 will forever be my favorite Peddie memory.

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