Spring Athletes Recognized at Sports Assembly
Melissa Collins

At one of the final assemblies of the school year, Blair athletes were recognized for their sportsmanship, commitment and hard work as Head of School Chris Fortunato, Director of Athletics Paul Clavel and spring coaches commended the Bucs on a job well done in a short, but grueling, athletic season.

The following individuals were acknowledged for their outstanding efforts, contributions and achievements this spring:

Blair Lacrosse Prize: Emily Deehan '17
Blair Lacrosse Prize: Dylan Benson '20
Paul Tennis Award: Vishal Chugani '17
Anzel Tennis Trophy: Ignacio Ybanez '18
Hurley Crew Prize: Marta Bugen '17
Hurley Crew Prize: Chris Berry-Toon '17
Kemp Crew Prize: Catharine Berry-Toon '17
Kemp Crew Prize: Cortney Klein '18
Pender Track Award: Natasha Baker '17
Pender Track Award: Lucy Pennell '17
Pender Track Award: Ekrem Ayhan '17
Pender Track Award: Justes Nance '17
Blair Girls' Golf Award: Kaitlin Robertson '17
Zimmerman Golf Trophy: Brian Li '19
Stowell Softball Award: Andrea Dorsa '17
Stowell Softball Award: Jesse Schable '19
Brooks Baseball Prize: Kyle Walker '17

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