All In The Campaign for Blair Academy 2018-2025


Caroline Chamberlain counsels a student during a science class
robotics class
Commencement 2021
Students examine test tubes in a science lab in 2022.
Ryan Manni instructs a digital music class.
Blair students in science class.
A student exits Clinton Hall after classes.
Blair students in English class.
Blair students in Chinese class
Commencement 2022.
A student meets with his college counselor.
A student listens to a discussion during English class.
Wind instrument musicians perform during the annual fall concert.
A student works in the CEC's architecture classroom.
A student practices writing Chinese characters during class.
Dave Naysmith instructs a math class.
Students raise their hands to participate during class.
Craig Evans instructs am English class.
Joyce Lang instructs a Spanish class.

Teaching & Learning at our private high school

Blair teachers care about more than your grades; they want to make sure you are happy and successful here. Their support gives students confidence and teaches us how to be independent. My family has noticed how this has positively influenced my personality and behavior, and I know other families feel the same.

Ignacio, spain

The Blair experience, in northern New Jersey (NJ), is an extraordinary opportunity that empowers students to become persons of great accomplishment and character and prepares them for success in college and in life. Our educational philosophy informs our work in and out of the classroom and includes these guiding principles.

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