Venerable Tradition Continues in Innovative Space

The Society of Skeptics, one of Blair’s most venerable traditions, has found a new home in the Chiang Center for Innovation and Collaboration’s Collaboration Forum. With top-notch technology and flexible seating, this bright and airy space has enhanced the experience of discussing and debating important global issues for presenters and participants.

This year’s eclectic group of Skeptics lecturers are sharing wide-ranging perspectives and experiences with the Blair community in the School’s newest academic space.

Rob Monz Skeptics

Independent documentarian Rob Montz talked about political correctness on college campuses at the January 8 Society of Skeptics in the Chiang Center for Innovation and Collaboration.

During his hour-long presentation, he planned to take a unique “spin” on the pressures undergraduates are under to be politically correct, specifically examining the student experience at some of the most well-known elite universities in the United States.

Rob Monz Skeptics
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Alan Moskin Skeptics

At age 92, U.S. Army veteran Alan Moskin travels the country to speak about his experience as a World War II infantry combat soldier who participated in the liberation of a Nazi concentration camp.

Alan Moskin
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Ron Insana Skeptics

The Blair community will welcomed CNBC senior analyst and commentator Ron Insana to the Society of Skeptics on December 4 for a discussion of recent politics. An expert on economic and market issues, Mr. Insana delved into topics that have been in the news over the past weeks. 

Ron Insana
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Brandon Slay Skeptics

Brandon Slay, who won a gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, talked to Blair students about achieving their dreams at the November 13 Society of Skeptics. Having come to Blair in the past to share his message with the wrestling team, Mr. Slay is executive director and head coach of the Pennsylvania Regional Training Center, which focuses on enriching lives locally and globally through the sport of wrestling. 

Brandon Slay
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George Hincapie

The Blair community welcomed former professional road bicycle racer George Hincapie on October 30 to the Society of Skeptics, where he provided an exciting look into the life of a world-class cyclist. 

George Hincapie
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Don Lincoln, PhD

The Blair community welcomed scientist and author Don Lincoln, PhD , to the October 23 Society of Skeptics, where he gave a whirlwind talk about “Quarks, the Cosmos and Everything in Between.” 

Don Lincoln, PhD
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Frank Angiolelli Skeptics

McAfee/Foundstone strategic consultant and patent-holding inventor Frank Angiolelli shared his experiences with cybersecurity and hackers at a Society of Skeptics presentation in the Chiang Center for Innovation and Collaboration.

Frank Angiolelli Skeptics
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Ben Schwartz, MD

Dr. Schwartz is a specialist in gynecologic oncology and minimally invasive surgery, and his Skeptics presentation focused on his experience with the daVinci® Surgical System and how robotic surgery is shaping the future of healthcare. 

Ben Schwartz, MD
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Alison Wright Skeptics

Award-winning documentary photographer Alison Wright returned to the Society of Skeptics for her fourth appearance on October 2. Having spent more than two decades traveling the world as a photojournalist, Ms. Wright explored her journey as she captured photographs for National Geographic and other publications.

Alison Wright
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Marina Cramer

In her debut novel, Roads, Marina Antropow Cramer tells the story of a World War II-era Russian family’s survival through harrowing situations surrounding the Nazi invasion of their homeland and the hardships they face as labor camp workers and refugees in Germany during and after the war.

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Chris Wolfe '85 Skeptics

Former equities trader Chris Wolfe ’85, P’18 ’20 shared his experience as he witnessed events unfold in downtown New York City, underscoring how much September 11th changed America and the world—from how we go through airport security to a shift in immigration policy to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the ongoing global war on terror. 

Chris Wolf
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  • skeptics 2018-2019
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